Happy New Year Pattaya

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Thai Fokus Magazin - December 2009

Article Town & Country Property

...Happy New Year's Resolution...
Thai Fokus recently had an interview with Cees Cuijpers the MD of Town & Country Property, one of Pattaya's leading real-estate firms.

How would you describe last years' business in general?

"In the beginning of this year I guess all realtors had a slow start", Cuijpers explained.

Suffering the economic down-turn has affected the buyer's market. Many people didn't realize yet what their financial position was or were counting their losses. With some weak currencies like the British Pound Sterling, an important buyers-group (the Brits) almost completely vanished.

Luckily our Thai economy remained pretty stabile and so the domestic investors survived.

With the still growing Eastern Seaboard Industrial community the rental-market was actually quite strong; strong enough to pay for overhead expenses and other outgoings.
The second quarter of this year we witnessed recovery; at least at Town & Country Property's offices.

The process of recovering is still continuing and in fact at this moment it is busy!

The buyers are BACK!

"Now how would you explain that?" we asked Cees.

"I am not an economist but a realist; I guess people simply switch-off their "alarm-mode" and return back to reality. Done is done and passed is passed so "life goes on".

Those are the normal clients and buyers. Another, very important, group of clients are the investors. And we have got quite a few of those! Seasoned property buyers that are always hunting for good bargains and hot-deals. Now they were (and still are) celebrating a small feast this year here in Thailand! These investors are really digging into the market and buying a lot of properties either re-sales or properties from new project launches. And again; there are reasons to do so!

Project developers have been very creative and active this year introducing finance-plans (interest FREE), huge introductory discounts, incentive plans for agencies and so on!

If you are in the property-business; it is the right time to invest!

"Now what about the property game for next year 2010?" we asked Cees Cuijpers.

My New Year's resolution this coming year is simple: "I wish the property business will be booming"!

And I seriously think it will be a great year! I feel a lot of confidence in the market when I talk with my clients and investor friends. Few colleague-developers are selling ‘hot-cakes' at the moment and they all ‘feel' this will continue for this new year to come. I believe the Russian market will be strong this year and I also noticed that quite a few affluent Thais are now buying properties in Pattaya.

This hasn't been the case for quite a while!

I think that Pattaya's image has strongly improved and became a force to reckon with.

Not only for the changes and improvements that were made over the last few years.

It is much simpler than that: Pattaya's position close to Bangkok and near Thailand's biggest port (Leam Chabang) simply qualifies to become a prosperous city. All the industrial estates of the Eastern Seaboard are neighboring only 1 mature city with "everything you need" which is Pattaya.

So it is not a coincidence at all that Pattaya is now the fastest growing city of Thailand. YES, faster than Bangkok!

Thai Fokus Magazin wants to thank Cees for his contribution of this month's magazine.

Cees Cuijpers told Thai Fokus Magazin that interested readers can always contact him at the head-office of Town & Country Property located on Pattaya-Tai road (Tel: +66(0)3837-4136) or simply write him an email with any possible query you might have: info@towncountryproperty.com


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