Special Privileges in Thailand!

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Special privileges...only in Thailand! After a while things always start to fade...

Before you dream to have a sports' car and once you have one; it is considered the most normal thing in this world...

I spoke with the managing director, Cees Cuijpers, of Town & Country Property who lives in Thailand nearly 12 years. He is active in real-estate for many years with his company and runs 3 offices in Pattaya.

When I first came to Pattaya the "city" was still just "a village".

I have witnessed grown over a decade now and it is almost ‘a dream' for every property-minded individual. Our company started not only to become active in general real-estate doing sales & rentals but started to build our own developments to cater to the growing needs of our clients; of which most of the (95%) are foreigners.

To build your own product you have a better ability to control the end-result and give your clients what they are really looking for...

At this moment Town & Country Property features the luxury estate "Whispering Palms" at the doorsteps of the Horseshoe Point Resort at Maprachan Lake; "The Meadows" a modern housing project with 46 completed residences and the fascinating condo-project "The Residence Jomtien Beach", 68 deluxe apartments near Jomtien Beach. All properties completed and "ready to move-in"!
Just only 10 years ago, one could not imagine that it was feasible that a sustained growth of Pattaya would have reached its current standards. Pattaya has become not only Thailand's biggest holiday resort but has also become the 2nd largest city next to Bangkok.

Sometimes you don't realize how privileged we are to live in this wonderful country!

Initially, in most cases, foreigners living in Thailand fell in love with Thailand because of its wonderful climate, the food, Thais themselves and the laid-back affordable lifestyle.

Compared to the "Western-World", Thailand offers all you can dream of at only 20-25% of the costs you would have back in your own country of origin.

When I travel and return back to Thailand, it genuinely feels like "I am coming back home" as soon as the air-plain touches land in Bangkok. It is like a "rendezvous" (and a great feeling) to realize again how fortunate we are to live here after you visited other destinations in the world...

I am sure many fellow-men will have the same feeling like I do.

Sometimes it is good to "face the mirror" and question yourself: What is it more that I am looking for than living here in Paradise?

Of course, over the years we have seen the ‘domestic affairs' that Thailand is dealing with; but overall that never affected our well-being here.

Even in the worldwide economical downscale, Thailand is performing very well and is still going strong compared to many other countries in this world.

Our company has served hundreds of clients over the years and many are telling me: "It was the best decision of my life! And still is!"

Now, if you are debating over "shall I or shall I not"...contact me for a personal chat and I will be more than happy to sit-down for a coffee and a chat.

Not just only properties, but we can talk about all privileges you can experience here in Thailand that are so difficult to find these days back in your own country...

Cees Cuijpers told Thai Fokus that interested readers can always contact him at the head-office of Town & Country Property located on Pattaya-Tai road.

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