Buy or Rent Dubai Property on Mega Projects

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From seven emirates of UAE the Dubai is the richest, fueled by natural resources such as oil and gas it economy is flourishing but in desperation to shift its revenue generation from natural resources, its prince Rashid Actium have started a campaign to turn this former fishing village into world class tourist spot.

Recently there has been lot of construction going on in the city which has created a timely real estate boom in the city, people from all over the world are flooding to buy Dubai property as investing in Dubai real estate has many advantages.

It gives highest returns and you don't have to pay any sort of property or capital tax to the government, the rents are expected to rise as the population grows, also people from any part of the world can get the residential permit very easily, just by visiting briefly every year.

Dubai hotel apartments are very well furnished and have all the luxuries of life usually hotel apartments are built in some type of mega project such as Burj al Dubai and palm islands, but it's always good to hire a property locator, which will find you the most suitable property in the area of your choice. Before buying a property in Dubai you might need to consider following aspects:

• Carefully outline the purpose of buying a certain property.
• Know the limitations of your budget.
• Contact a local real estate agency.
• Buy a property whose resell value is expected to rise in future.
• Complete inspection is required of the property.
• To look and mange the affairs of real estate the UAE government has established a separate institute known as real estate regulatory authority RERA, its purposes are as follows:
• To resolve any dispute over a property.
• To maintain the history of real estate transactions.
• To regulate the constructional projects.
• To maintain an atmosphere for real estate business.

Dubai for rent is a tag line followed by many real estate agencies, after the introduction of freehold status in 2002 by the rulers of Dubai. the development of Dubai such as its international airport, worlds first and only 7-star hotel Burj al Dubai.

And many mega projects have made it the best place on earth to do investment in property business, but with the time Dubai is losing its charm which had attracted all the business firms of the world very rapidly, the reason is the international financial decline and the rising oil prices.

But the rulers of Dubai had done all the majors that if any case their economical backbone of oil and gas breaks, they have a secondary revenues generating source that is tourism, UAE has become the play ground off all the rich boys, they come to Dubai for spending their vacations and hone moon.

The celebrities of Hollywood and Bollywood have mad Dubai as their future homes and they have booked their villas and farm houses in various Dubai hotel apartments. Following are key economy facts of UAE:

• 15.6% rise in GDP by 2006.
• Tourism arises by nearly 33%.
• Constructional projects announced in Dubai, are expected to cost US$176 billion dollar.
• Surprising raise of foreign speculation exceeding 331 billion US$ in property.
• Government levies no tax.

Daniel McCain is an expert real estate consultant associated with Halcon Real Estate, a Dubai-based international real estate firm that specializes in Dubai Real Estate of all types. We deal in apartments for sale in Dubai, furnished apartments Dubai & Dubai apartments for rent.

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