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Burns Dog Food was designed by John Burns, a vet, in an effort to combat the nutrition-related illnesses he was seeing in the dogs he treated.
Originating from Germany, the Boxer is the result of the cross between mastiff and bulldog breeds.
Most people that get into the dog walking business have a tremendous love for dogs, and just being in the presence of someone's dog seems to be quite satisfying.
If you have pets lie cats that are having constant itching over their body,you should know that is flea or tick attack on him.This article is to help you discover the right treatment.
Arthritis can be devastating for people. But numerous dogs also suffer from this debilitating condition as well. They may feel pain or soreness in their joints, and they might not move around as ably as they did when they were younger.
Every living creature experiences the negative effects of aging. There is no set schedule. People and animals deal with aging in different ways.
Despite our deepest wishes, our beloved pets will not live forever, but with the right pet medications, you can certainly help your furry friends survive into their golden years in comfort.
Any dog owner will tell you that modern medicine plays a huge role in the quality of your pup’s life. This is especially true with senior pets who often become afflicted with ailments common in old age.
Painful, stiff joints and decreased mobility associated with osteoarthritis in dogs and cats can be heartbreaking to witness.
Pets are more popular than ever in the US. Most households have at least one pet and more often than not, it is a dog or a cat.