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No, I'm not kidding or even attempting to hide a hidden ‘gotcha'. Our sister site, will be happy to publish your book for free.

Chances are you will not get a rejection letter. Sure, we will not publish books that in some way advocate illegal activity or is really mean or offensive material. And you have a great deal of latitude in what you can write. If you want to write about how you think some government official sucks, (if it is legal to do so), go right ahead.

What won't publish is a bunch of words about how <insert here> sucks. Tell the readers Why you think <insert here> sucks. Or was great. And once again, be sure it is within the laws of your area.

And if you happen to not know the ins and outs of the publishing industry, let's do a quick education.

                                Publication < > Production. is ready, willing and able to handle both logistics and hard cash details such as getting your ISBN number assigned. Yes, you keep your copyright ©.

And yes, to get your book published for free, you must come to with a print ready book. That means we do the labor of putting in the systems, and paying the fees. We're working on the gamble your book will sell enough for TRCBPress to see a ROI (Return on Investment).

The sad and apparently not clear news is publishing is not production work. Take for example, the edge of the book. In the publishing industry, it is called ‘the spine'. The spine in an important part of your book. First, it has to have one! The book must have enough pages to make one. In the industry the saying goes, "no spine, no sale". If the reader cannot see the title of your book, it won't get a glance to even be considered for purchase (or even be given away). Let's consider another aspect of the spine.

The title of your work has to be On The Spine, or it cannot be read. If it cannot be read, refer back to "no spine, no sale". OK. So assuming you now see the logic of needing the spine, think for a moment how tough it is to ‘get there'.

When the physical printing and binding is being done with your great novel (or how-to cookbook, or...) there are physical demands on an X, Y and Z axis to get the title of your work on the spine. It just doesn't magically (yet) center itself by the force of will. It takes labor to make it come out right. And there is more.

Yup, if you use our word processing template correctly, creating the Table Of Contents (TOC) is pretty automagic for a computer. For the moment I'll leave that IF alone as there are other ‘Gotha's'.

If your work needs an Index, sorry no automagic work can be done by a computer at this point in time. Maybe by the year 2020 (if we're lucky). Currently, *somebody* must read the entire work and select the words that make sense for the index. Even an index can have ‘heading' levels in it. And this is an important part of ‘the work'.

I have spent a great deal of time in book stores (both as a customer and employee). The decision process to buy (or not) a book looks a great deal like this:

  • Customer is attracted by spine.
  • Pulls book, looks at the front cover.
  • Looks at the back cover.

Then either:

  • Flips through the book for visual clues or
  • Reads the index.

Which they do first depends on the prospects brain wiring. If they don't do both, the most probable outcome is, no sale. And yes, I did slip in other elements that impact sold, or not.

The cover art and ideally, inside photos or art are part of your success. Some folks are visual learners. If they weren't we wouldn't have TV or A lack of visual aids will have a sub-optimal impact on your message and sales.

In short, despite what you think about your work, you are competing with other factors in the prospects mind. Often it is less about the cost of a work. A great deal of the decision comes down to the value for value exchange you are offering. You have to 'sell' the prospect that by trading their time (and some money); they are getting a value in return.

A good production gets your message across. If you have done a good production, TRCBPress will publish you for free. If not, you will either have to pay TRCBPress, or someone else to do this for you, if you are unable to do this yourself. TRCBPress expects good production, or it has zero chance of recovering its hard costs of putting your work into the systems.

There is more to all this, and this is the 101 education of Publishing Your Book for Free does not mean Production is free.

Tcat Houser is a trainer in Information Technology as well as assisting people understand the most complex computer all, the human brain. This necessitates his being a professional Road warrior.

As A Certified Technical Trainer and Subject Matter Expert (SME) @ it can be difficult to figure out what Tcat is currently researching.

See my lastest work at - Convert Articles, Reviews into Videos Automagically.

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