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Lawson had been running for what felt like forever. The fire was gaining on him; there was no way he could outrun it. His only chance for survival was a small lake that he knew was somewhere in the vicinity.
Few people on Terra cared much about their own galaxy. They lived happy, peaceful lives. Life on other planets was something for storytellers. It was also for dreamers, and so Dream Wanderers needed to know about the concept.
There was no light anywhere, not even a spark. Gren knew she wasn't alone. She could hear it breathing; feel its breath on her neck. She knew it was big-a giant monster of some type. She stumbled in the dark, trying to get away.
Everyone at the Learning Center looked forward to Partnering. Not only was the ceremony itself exciting; the entire rotation was one big party.
Two rotations after the Partnering, Gren still refused to speak to Lawson. At first she had noticed others whispering behind her back, but the fallout was starting to die down. It didn’t matter if others didn’t care anymore. She cared, she was angry—and she wanted to make sure Lawson realized it.