Chicago Warriors: The Hammer’s Gun

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I woke up the next day feeling rested and prepared to enjoy my day off. As I started to prepare a pot of coffee the phone rang.

"Pete, Sgt. Castro here. I hope that I didn't wake you, I intended on leaving a message on your machine but you picked up."

"No sarge," I said. "I'm up and fixing coffee."
"Good. I'm calling to tell you to report in plain clothes Thursday, you're back on Tac."
"Man, that's great news, thanks. Wait a minute...who will my partner be?"

"Well, Capt Steele and I discussed that last night. The complaint against Rosato helped us make what was already a fairly easy decision-you'll be partnered with Marilyn. She's a good cop; based on her record and what I've seen thus far, she is deserving of this assignment. Plus, getting you both out of uniform and not attending roll call with Rosato, will hopefully ease some probable tension between you guys."

I was elated. I wasn't losing Marilyn and I didn't have to break in a new partner. "Have you told Benson yet?"
"No. I was about to call her next, unless you care to do that for me."

"I sure will sarge," I said. "Thanks for everything. You know I was worried about who would be filling in for Mac during his recovery, but you have been a pleasure to work for."

"Thanks Pete. You and Marilyn are both on the same page as I am, not only with regard to police work, but life in general. I would go through any door with either of you-you're good cops."

"That means a lot," I said. "See you tomorrow Sarge."
"Okay Pete, don't' forget to call Benson"
"Roger that."

I waited till nine o'clock then dialed Marilyn's cell phone.

"Good morning Pete!"
"Morning Bens, you sound wide-awake..."
"I should be," she said. "I just finished a five mile run; I'm having a cup of coffee before I head over to the gym for a workout."

"Listen, I've got some great news for you...I spoke with Castro this morning-welcome to the Tac Team!"
There was a brief pause on the other end. "'re kidding me!"

"Nope, report to work Thursday in plain clothes."
"Man, that's super news, thanks Pete. I'm fired up now...think I'll do squats today-heavy!"

"Good for you partner. I've got to get my workout in, and then I've got an afternoon class."
"Well you have a great day partner. I can't wait to get back to work!"

"I know," I said, "me too."
"What Bens?"

"God's been good to us hasn't He."
"He sure has partner; He loves us."

"Where the hell you at Frankie?" said Rosato into the phone. He was getting impatient with this punk now. He was to have met with him on Taylor Street in Little Italy twenty minutes ago with the gun.

"I'm comin' Hammer, I'm right around the corner," came the reply.
"Well hurry your ass up and get in my car when you get here."
"Still got that Hummer?"

"Yeah idiot, I'm in front of the tattoo joint." Hammer was getting impatient.

Frankie was an ex-con that grew up with Rosato. They had spent lots of time together in the principal's office in school, sometimes for pranks, but most times for fighting. They teamed up to wreak havoc on many on their classmates, stealing lunch money and being typical bullies in school and afterward. Frankie never made it past the third year at Hubbard High School. He teamed up with several other neighborhood ne'r do wells, and they got involved with the drug trade. Frankie was no stranger to jail or the State Penitentiary, having done stints in both for drug and gun charges. He quickly gained a "rep" for being able to get just about any type of gun that one might need. That's why he was here to meet with Rosato today.

A minute later Frankie hopped in the front seat of the Hummer. "How you doin' man?" Ain't seen you for awhile..."
"I'm fine you idiot: got the piece?"

"Sure do...what's it for man?" Frankie pulled the .22 caliber Ruger from his waistband.

"None of your damn business you dumb wop, and nobody better ever know that you seen me today, capice?"
Frankie handed the revolver over to Rosato. "A wheel gun? I wanted a pistol man."

"Hey I got what I could on short notice. Anyway, there's no problems with this one-serial numbers have been all filed off-no way to trace it." Frankie crossed his arms and puffed his chest. "Nothing but the best for my bud... Got my dough?"

Rosato handed Frankie $300. "Hey man, I said five bills for this piece!"

"Shut up asshole unless you want cops all over your corner tonight. I can put the word out about your drug turf to my buddies in Vice."

Frankie grudgingly took the money Rosato handed him. "This ain't right man..."
"Don't worry about it, and keep your mouth shut. Now get outta here loser."

"Yeah, sure, have a nice fuckin' day." Frankie jumped out of the Hummer and watched as Rosato drove away. "That guy's gonna get his one of these days," thought Frankie. "I hope that I'm around to see him go down."

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John Wills spent 2 years in the U.S. Army before serving 12 years with the Chicago Police Department (CPD). He left the CPD to become an FBI Special Agent, working organized crime, violent crime, and drugs.  John Wills is an author of Chicago Warriors: Midnight Battles in the Windy City published by

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