Chicago Warriors: The Dinner Date

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"One more heavy set of squats and we'll be finished with legs today," said Marilyn's workout partner Kim. "You are awesome today girl! What did you do last night with that man while you were on duty?"

"Knock it off Kim, Pete and I aren't like that, it's strictly police work with us. Besides, I told you that he's married. I've met his wife-she's a great gal and they're perfect together."

Marilyn situated herself directly underneath the bar on the Smith Machine, adjusted where it would lay across her shoulders, then started repetitions with 275 pounds. She gutted out another ten, and then let Kim take her turn.
"Well, married or not this guy has really made you into a different person since you teamed up with him...ugh, this is heavy," she commented on her sixth rep. "You used to have your down days every now and again, but the last few months you've been full of energy and enthusiasm. What's your secret?"

Kim knocked out her ten reps and they walked over to grab a drink at the water fountain.

"There's no secret," said Marilyn. "I enjoy working with him; the chemistry is great. He's a super cop, and I love the fact that he is an unabashed Christian. He's not afraid to wear his faith on his sleeve for everyone to see."

"Yeah, that is unusual," said Kim.
"It sure is," Marilyn replied. "I'll tell you what else is refreshing about Pete...he doesn't use all the harsh language that lots of cops use. I've worked with cops that use the F-word in every sentence. That gets old."
"I hear ya girl. You should hear some of my guys talk down at the fire station... I thought that I'd heard it all until I became a firefighter."

Marilyn finished up another set of squats. "I still can't believe that you sleep with all those guys in the same room."

"I know," said Kim. "At first I was kind of shy and self conscious about showering and going to bed. But after a while, after the newness of being the only woman in the house wore off, they all started treating me like a sister. Besides, none of them have anything that I haven't seen before."

"Let's not go there," said Marilyn. "I've heard enough of your adventures with men to last a lifetime."

"Okay, okay," she said, "as if you haven't had your share... Let's get these last sets in the bank so we can bust out of here and get something to eat. I'm starving."

"Sorry Kim, not me. I start my pre-contest diet today-no grand slam breakfasts for me until after the show. It will be chicken breasts and tuna, plenty of veggies, and cardio each day."

"Glad I'm not entered in this one," said Kim. "But I'll be honest with you Marilyn, you're already close to being where you need to be. You don't need to do very much cutting; it looks like your body fat is around 10 or 12 per cent right now. You cut much too more and you might lose some size."

"I know. Last contest the judges told me that I wasn't big enough, so I've got to really watch the diet this time."

"Well, I'm with you all the way girl; I'll be that critical eye that you hate to hear from. In fact, let's go in the posing room now so that we can assess where you're at, I'll do a body fat caliper test on you."
Afterward, Marilyn finished up at the gym and made her way home to feast on some protein. She was halfway through her lunch when the phone rang.
"Hello Marilyn, this is Gary."

"Hi Gar, what's up?"
"Hey, I missed you at the gym this morning...came in a little later since I worked until two in the morning last night."

"That's okay, Kim and I had a killer leg work out; I wouldn't have been much company for you."
"Are you up for lunch," he asked.
"No, I'm just finishing up. But you can take me to dinner if you want."

"Dinner and what else?" came the answer.
Marilyn didn't really want anything else other than dinner. She'd been thinking hard about this relationship lately, and she wasn't really sure that there was a future with Gary. The last several dates had been uncomfortable. He'd been secretive about his past all along, saying only that he was former Special Forces. His job as a bouncer at a club on 111th Street couldn't possibly have supported his lifestyle. And his size seemed a bit too big to be natural.

He also had been pressuring her for sex, his hands going places where she didn't really want them to go. Those days of hopping into bed with someone were over for her. Her new relationship with Christ had opened her eyes to the importance of love and commitment.

"Just dinner," she said. "I've had a long day and I really don't want to stay out late."
A pause on the other end..."Okay, dinner it is. I'll be over to pick you up around seven."

"Okay Gary, but no big Italian meals. I started my pre-contest diet today."
"Oh man...okay we'll grab something healthy. See you at seven."

Marilyn finished with her lunch, cleaned the few dishes, and headed toward the bathroom to shower from her workout. She undressed in the bedroom in front of the full length mirror and took inventory of her physique. This was going to be the contest where she could finally compete against other women that were serious about bodybuilding. If she could win or place second, it would give her national recognition. Winning the Miss Illinois title would open other doors.

She surveyed everything from her shoulders to her calves. It all looked good; big, without being masculine, and symmetrical-no one body part developed more than another. If she could just time this diet right so that she peaked at contest time, she felt confident that she could win.
Stepping into the shower immediately relaxed her. The hot water and accompanying steam soothed her muscles and gave her skin a healthy, clean feel. Luxuriating in the gentle spray, she thought that maybe tonight would be a good time to tell Gary that she didn't see much of a future with him. She wasn't really into him that much, although at first it was exciting to have a big hunk of a guy chasing after you. But as the months passed by, she saw that there wasn't much to Gary once you got past the exterior. She needed someone with depth and passion, someone with goals and a spiritual thirst.

She had enough on her plate now anyway. Her professional life was progressing nicely, but more importantly, she loved working with Pete and locking up people that preyed on the weak and helpless. School was also coming along; she should get her MBA in less than a year. Her fitness and bodybuilding passion were on fire. It was almost like an addiction...if she didn't do something each day she felt guilty.

But the most important part of her life now was rediscovering her faith. It was exciting in a way that she had never known before. She actually looked forward to praying and just talking with God each day. Sometimes it may just be thanking Him for a beautiful sunrise or sunset, or being grateful to Him after a long, satisfying run. She couldn't remember ever having been so taken with something. She felt like she was on the right road...
She spent a couple of hours studying her coursework then began to get dressed for her dinner date with Gary. She fixed her hair and makeup and was about to slip into a pair of slacks and a blouse when the doorbell rang. Wouldn't you know he'd be punctual, she thought as she opened the door for him.

"Hi Mar, guess I'm a little early."
"Just a little," she replied. "What's in the bag?"
"I thought that we'd have a glass of wine before we left. I brought a great red wine, which as you know, is an antioxidant, so it's healthy!"

"Okay. You go in the kitchen and pour while I get dressed. I can only have one glass; I told you that I'm on the diet."

"I know," he said. "This is good stuff, you'll love it."
Marilyn went into the bedroom and started dressing. A minute or so later, Gary walked in with two glasses of wine.

"Here you go sweetheart, nectar of the gods... Mind if I watch you get dressed?"
"Kind of... Tell you what," she said. "I'll drink this while I'm dressing; you go turn on the TV. I'll be done in a few minutes."

"What are you afraid of," he pouted. "Hell, I see you in your workout clothes at the gym all the time and you're just as unclothed. Besides, we've been going together for a long time now...I have needs."

She took a long drink of the wine. "Gary, we talked about this before. I'm not going to just hop into bed with anyone; that's not me. I'm looking for something more than just sex with a guy. That will come down the road, hopefully after marriage, but right now I've got too much going on in my life."

"Man..." he said in disgust. "This is how you treat me after all the time and money I've spent on you?" He walked defiantly out of the bedroom and into the front room.

She took another drink and thought to herself that this was definitely the night that she would tell him they were finished. In fact, why even go through the motions of dinner? Why not just tell him now?

She took one more sip, set the glass down on her dresser and put her robe on. She started to walk toward the bedroom door, but became suddenly dizzy and disoriented and fell down. What's happening? As she tried to pick herself up near the bed, the room started spinning. Just before she blacked out she was in Gary's arms being placed on the bed...

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John Wills spent 2 years in the U.S. Army before serving 12 years with the Chicago Police Department (CPD). He left the CPD to become an FBI Special Agent, working organized crime, violent crime, and drugs.  John Wills is an author of Chicago Warriors: Midnight Battles in the Windy City published by

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