Chicago Warriors: The Chase

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We started cruising our beat, looking for everything and anything. "Pete, do you mind me asking, what's the beef between you and Rosato? In the short time that I've been your partner he's like on you all the time."

"I know. It's a long story, but it boils down to two things: he thinks that me and Joe jumped over him for a spot on the Tac Team for one thing, and we also wound up writing his girlfriend a DUI one night after she was involved in a hit and skip with three or four eyeball witnesses. Then I guess that he showed up with his girlfriend for her first appearance at traffic court, looking to get it thrown out because Joe was gone and I was on admin leave. It didn't happen though because Mac had called and talked with the State's Attorney's office requesting a continuance. He had it all figured out that she was going to walk, and when she didn't it just angered him even more."

"What a schemer," she said.
"Yeah, what's worse is that I guess that he got into a beef with the court clerk, and the judge threatened to lock him up for contempt."

"Wow, this guy is bad wonder he got busted down from sergeant."

"That's another thing...that wound has been festering too-he blames Mac, me, and Joe for some crazy reason. I had someone call me the other day, telling me that he was in the same restaurant with Rosato one night and overheard him say something about getting even with me."

Marilyn turned west on 59th Street. "I think that we should watch out for this guy Pete. I don't trust him one iota. He's probably got me in the crosshairs now too, since I ‘dissed' him at the coffee shop."

"Whoa...let's not use that kind of descriptive language partner, lest it come to fruition."
"Sorry, she said, "but I don't put anything past this guy. Pete look at that car..."

She had spotted a Nissan SUV travelling in the opposite direction.

"Pete, that door lock's been punched. Run that tag partner; I'm going to pull it over."

Marilyn made a quick u-turn; I grabbed the radio and gave the squad operator the plate info. Bens hit the blue lights and shined the spotlight on the vehicle. There was no reaction from it at first, so she hit the siren. With that the vehicle sped up and took off.

"813 squad, looks like we've got a chase on our hands. We're following a white Nissan SUV, we're eastbound 59th Street approaching St. Louis Avenue."

"All units in the 8th District and on City-Wide...Beat 813 is in pursuit of a white, Nissan SUV...eastbound 59th Street, approaching St. Louis, any units able to assist?"
"Beat 813, what's the vehicle wanted for?" asked the operator.

"Right now it's suspicion of stolen vehicle and traffic violations."

Marilyn hung back just far enough to ensure that we kept the vehicle in sight, but gave us a cushion to safely navigate through intersections. One of the biggest dangers cops face when involved in pursuits is smashing into each other in their fervor to catch the offenders.
"813, eight one three..."

"Go ahead squad, we're approaching Kedzie now."
"10-4, all units, still westbound 59th at Kedzie...that plate comes back stolen 813."

"Roger that," I said. "Southbound turn now squad, southbound Kedzie approaching 62nd Street."

These guys are looking for a place to bail out I thought. "Bens, when these guys find a spot they like they're going to dump the ride and take off in different directions. We don't split up; we both go for the driver-agreed?"
"Got ya partner..."

"813, we're through 63rd Street now, still southbound Kedzie approaching Marquette Road."

The SUV made a quick left on Marquette and then the first left into an alley behind a row of apartment buildings. Halfway down the alley the vehicle skidded to a stop and the doors flew open in a cloud of dust and smoke; all three males took off in different directions.

We got as close as we could and Bens slammed on the brakes. We both jumped out and hit the ground running. "Pete, he's eastbound in the alley-white tee shirt, blue bandana, cutoff jeans."

"I'm with you Bens...813, we're on foot eastbound in the north alley along Marquette Road...chasing a male Hispanic, white tee shirt, and cutoffs."

"Copy that...all units foot pursuit eastbound in the north alley along Marquette, just east of Kedzie."

Bens was faster than I expected her to be and was closing the gap on this guy. Having to work the radio to keep everyone apprised of our location slowed me somewhat, but I was only a few steps behind her. Our bad guy reached the end of the alley and turned to run across Marquette Road into the park, but his timing was bad. He wound up running right into the side of a passing car. Bens quickly grabbed the guy as he bounced off the car, and took him down to the ground. I drove my knee into his back, holding him down while she cuffed him.
"Good job Bens, you okay?"

"I'm great partner, how ‘bout you?"
"Never better! 813 to all units...driver's in custody, we're still looking for two male passengers, but other that both being Hispanic, we have no further physical on them."

"10-4, 813."
We marched our arrestee back to the scene where a wagon was standing by to transport him to the station. We'd more than likely have him flip on his two passengers. As usual he had no ID, and of course "a friend" had allowed him to use the car. He had no answer as to why both the door lock and ignition were punched, but hey, we're not dealing with huge intellects out here.

By the time we got the vehicle towed, the paper completed on our guy, and all the notifications made, it was almost time for our shift to end. We were just finishing putting our prisoner in the lockup when Sgt. Castro approached us.
"Hey you two, nice job out there. I was listening in on the radio; that was great teamwork. Pete I like the way you worked the radio, and Benson, you did a good job with driving the pursuit and then running the dude down on foot. You guys make a good team."

"Thanks Sarge. It all came together rather well," I said.
"Well it should when you have two hard working cops like yourselves. That's exactly what I was talking about at roll call. If I had a shift full of cops like you and Benson, my job would be a breeze."

I shook his hand and said, "Having a supervisor like you makes it even easier. I wish that we had more leaders like you."

"Thanks Shannon, but truth be known I'd much rather be in your shoes. Being a cop on the streets of Chicago is the best job in the world."

"Amen brother,"

"I'll see you both tomorrow, get some rest."
He went back to the desk to brief the incoming day shift sergeant. Bens looked at me and said, "Pete, that was some great police work wasn't it?"

"It sure was Marilyn, and it was fun. I think Joe must have had a hand in choosing my new partner; I think that he still has my back in some way."

"Maybe he does, but I hope that I convinced you tonight that I've got it too."

"Yes you did Bens, yes you did..."

On the drive home Marilyn felt good about the night's activities. Being able to drive the pursuit, and then chase the guy down had her energized and looking for more. She only had one class today later in the afternoon, which would give her plenty of time for sleep. But she was so excited about the arrest, that she knew she would only toss and turn if she tried to get some rest right now.

She got home, fed the cat, then threw her workout clothes in her duffle bag and headed for the gym. Besides the obvious need to be strong and fit for her job, the simple act of exercising gave her joy, satisfaction, and tons of confidence. She had always compared herself to other women around her, checking their bodies out and frankly, feeling a little superior to most of them. She prided herself on being fit, and as a result more attractive. She constantly scrutinized herself in the mirror during her workouts, and after her shower. And she was used to the whistles and catcalls from guys when she ran down the street on her daily training runs.

Now, with this new dynamic in place, partnering with Pete Shannon, she had all the more reason to be in shape. Pete was obviously a hard charger, and a guy who valued his fitness as much as she did. She was quickly realizing that they had a lot in common, and she was looking forward to going to work each day much more than she used to. It helped that Pete was a handsome guy as well and had a great personality. She liked that he was a Christian also, one that was unashamed to let people know of his belief in the Lord. His only flaw seemed to be his marriage. What could be wrong there she wondered? She wouldn't pry, but she was going to pray that he and Beth would resolve their differences. Having Pete's mind clear and focused would benefit them both while they worked the streets.

She was feeling good about her life right now. The only concern that she had was Rosato. If this guy was as bad as he sounded, both her and Pete could find themselves in trouble. Time would tell, but she made a note to herself to be vigilant around him. But right now she cleared her mind and got down to the business of working out. It was good to be alive.

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John Wills spent 2 years in the U.S. Army before serving 12 years with the Chicago Police Department (CPD). He left the CPD to become an FBI Special Agent, working organized crime, violent crime, and drugs.  John Wills is an author of Chicago Warriors: Midnight Battles in the Windy City published by

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