Chicago Warriors: “10-1” Officer Needs Help!

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"Those guys sound pretty confident that Trout's going to flip tomorrow."

"Yeah Joe, we could be involved in some heavy police work." I eased the unmarked car out onto 63rd and cruised toward Blaz's location.

"If they haven't thought of it already, I want to make an arrest plan so that all of us are on the same page when we hit this guy's house tomorrow. If we get there early, say around six o'clock in the morning, we should catch him in bed."

"I agree Pete. Every time that we've surprised someone that early we've never had much resistance."
Joe grabbed the computer terminal and punched in some data. "I just want to run Trout's info and see what kind of rap sheet he has."

Seconds later Joe had the results. "This guy's small time, nothing real serious on his record that makes him a threat. He avoids confrontation; his pedigree is mostly drugs and property crimes. I'm guessing that he met one of our guys in jail, or sold them drugs."

"He's not small time anymore. That conspiracy rap is going to net him some hard time in the joint-no more County Jail. He's in the big leagues now."

"You have to admit though Pete, they had a pretty good scam going. Trout cases each target while he's legitimately in the houses on business. No one get suspicious as he eyeballs every door, window, and all the expensive toys that people have."

"Yeah, that explains how those guys get in and out so quickly."

I slid in behind two cars already parked near the intersection of 63rd and Western. Blaz and Deelilah were out walking back and forth hoping that someone in need of their services would pull over. We had a clear view of all the activity so we sat and waited.

It had been almost an hour-it was getting close to three o'clock.

"I'm getting drowsy sitting here Pete; want to grab another cup o' joe?'

"I would, but the girls usually wrap it up around this time. Let's give it another ten minutes. If they haven't packed it in, we'll roll over there and tell them to close up shop. I don't want anything happening to them before we take down Devil Man tomorrow."

A couple of minute later, a vehicle pulled over next to the ladies.

"Pete, do you see that?"

"Yeah brother, is that our guy?"

"It looks like the Escalade!"

Deelilah walked over to the passenger side of the car and leaned into the open window. After a few minutes, she signaled for Blaz to join her.

"I wonder what's going on...I thought this guy liked Dee."
"Maybe he's looking for a change."

Blaz started to walk away from the car, but suddenly stopped. She had a frightened look on her face as she turned and walked back to the Escalade and got in. Dee stepped back on the sidewalk as the Escalade drove away.
"Pete, we need to follow this guy and see what's going on."

"Yeah, I know. Blaz could be in danger-no telling what this guy will do."

We took our time, keeping back a good distance so that we wouldn't be "made". The worst thing that could happen now would be for this guy to get spooked and take off on us.
"I think this guy is just taking his time Joe-I think he's going to wind up over by the railroad tracks with her."
"You're probably right. I don't think that we should try to take this guy down tonight Pete. I say we just stay close by and make sure that he brings Blaz back to her corner. Tomorrow we'll grab this guy at his home when we've got the cavalry with us."

"I agree brother."

The Escalade pulled into a work area with piles of old railroad ties and stones next to the gravel road. It was dark and secluded-definitely an ideal spot for the type of work that Blaz was engaged in. There was no activity for several minutes, then suddenly the passenger door flew open and Blaz came flying out, minus her top, and screaming. Devil Man quickly followed and within a few steps had her by the arm.

Joe was looking through binoculars-"Pete, he's got a gun! We need to take this guy-now!"

I slammed the car into gear and mashed so hard on the accelerator that I thought my foot would go through the floor.

"Joe, give the squad operator our location-hurry..."
"860...10-1...Officer needs help...63rd & Oakley, railroad tracks...10-1!"

Within seconds I had closed the distance on the Escalade. Our approach and the headlights bearing down on him startled Devil Man. He maintained his hold on Blaz as he made his way back near his vehicle. I slammed on the brakes, the car coming to rest about 20 feet from the nose of the black vehicle.

Joe and I opened our doors and leaned out, guns drawn.
"Police! Drop the gun. Do it now!"

Blaz was screaming-"Help me officers, please help me..."
"Let me get back in my ride, and I'll let this bitch go," screamed Devil Man.

"Put the gun it now!"

Joe reached over to the spotlight, adjusting it so that it would blind the Devil Man and give us an advantage.
Reacting to the light, Devil Man fired directly at it.
Thanks to Joe, I had my sights right on the now illuminated Devil Man's head-I took the shot. Bam, Devil Man dropped like a man whose bones had just been repossessed...and then more screams from Blaz as she started running toward me.

"Officer Pete, Officer Pete...he hurt me...thought he gonna kill me...Oh my baby, my baby."
"Get down behind my car Blaz-now!'

I had to make sure this guy was down and no longer a threat.

"Cover me Joe!"

I inched my way toward the front of the Escalade and peaked around the bumper. Devil Man was on his back, not moving, blood running down his face.

"Joe, I think we got him-there's no movement. Joe...Joe!"
I turned and looked back toward our vehicle. Joe was on the ground lying on his right side.

"Joe! Are you okay...are you hit?"

He was barely conscious, but there was no blood visible.
"Joe what happened..."

"Shot Pete...losing it buddy...dizzy...can't feel my arm..."
I ripped his shirt off and removed his vest. I saw a trickle of blood near an entry wound close to his right underarm. Devil Man's shot must have hit him as he had his gun arm raised-exactly where there is no coverage.
Grabbing the radio I sent out the call, "Officer down, 860-Officer down!"

Police cars flooded the area around us, responding to Joe's original call for help.

"Pete, tell her...the boys...won't make retreat..."
"Joe, hang in there brother. You're going to be okay, you have to be okay! Joe...Joe-please Father in Heaven don't take him from us."

Just then the paramedics waded into what was now a sea of blue uniforms.

"Let us do our job officer; we'll take care of him."
They quickly loaded Joe onto the gurney and headed toward Little Company of Mary Hospital. As I watched the flashing lights of the ambulance disappear, I sensed that my faith would be tested like never before...

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John Wills spent 2 years in the U.S. Army before serving 12 years with the Chicago Police Department (CPD). He left the CPD to become an FBI Special Agent, working organized crime, violent crime, and drugs.  John Wills is an author of Chicago Warriors: Midnight Battles in the Windy City published by

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