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Chicago Warriors book is a result of the author finally listening and hearing His word. It’s a story based on many personal experiences; any characters’ names that bear a similarity to actual people is not meant to be a portrayal of them.

Hello? Pete, this is Sanela. I know it's your day off, but can we talk? Sure, what's up? I sat down at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and listened to what Sanela had to say.
Marilyn got home and parked her car in the lot. As she approached the stairs to her apartment, she saw a woman walking her dog. Wanting to be neighborly, Marilyn looked at her and said hello.
I walked into the station and Mac signaled me to come over to the desk. Hi Pete, how's everything going? Hi Mac, God's been good to me as usual, I said. What's up?
I thought about Eddie on my drive home. He seemed to be an anachronism, for he was living thirty years in the past-still carrying his revolver and practicing tactics that had proven to be fatal to cops over the years.
The week progressed slowly, nothing really significant happening at work. We made several gun arrests and caught a couple of armed robbery suspects.
Man, this early morning stuff is killing me, said Kim. How long before we can get back to normal workout hours Marilyn?
I walked into the ER at Little Company Hospital and spotted my friend at the desk. "Hey Jeff, how are you tonight?"
Sal Rosato stormed into the station like a tornado ripping across the Midwest plains, What the fuck is goin' on here Shannon? Why did you lock up my girlfriend; haven't you ever heard of ‘professional courtesy'?
Beth stepped out of the shower, dried herself off, then stepped on the scale-102 pounds. Just two more pounds to go to reach her goal of 100.
The radio blared: All units in the 8th District and on City Wide Radio, we just had a report of a hit and run accident at 59th and Kedzie.