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Chicago Warriors book is a result of the author finally listening and hearing His word. It’s a story based on many personal experiences; any characters’ names that bear a similarity to actual people is not meant to be a portrayal of them.

The next week saw an uptick in the wave of excitement and news interest surrounding Pete's shooting. Pete himself was up and walking around the hospital, and beginning to get cabin fever.
The Shannon shooting, that's what's up, he said. This guy Rosato is dirty, more dirty than we thought if that's even possible. Don't wrap up that investigative summary just yet; we've got more fuel for the fire.
It was great to be home. Beth and I spent more time together than we ever had in the past. She took vacation time from work while I was recovering.
The first week back at work was taxing on me. I guess that I wasn't as physically prepared as I thought, and the midnight shift was tough to get used to again. Not only that, but I had several court appearances,
So how did it go this morning," I asked Marilyn as we loaded our gear into the unmarked squad car. "It went well Pete. ASA Malinchak was on board with what we talked about and gave Matthew a personal recognizance bond; his mom was thrilled.
One more heavy set of squats and we'll be finished with legs today," said Marilyn's workout partner Kim. "You are awesome today girl! What did you do last night with that man while you were on duty?
The boys are really doing well aren't they Susan?" Beth had stopped over at Susan O'Hara's house for a quick visit before her appointment at the beauty parlor.
Marilyn woke up and immediately felt confused and "hung over." What happened to me? she thought. She glanced over at the clock on the nightstand-one in the morning. What's going on?
The mobile crime lab personnel were waiting for me as I pulled up to Marilyn's place. They gathered their equipment from the trunks of their cars and followed me inside, I briefed them in the hall, not wanting to go inside and further contaminate the crime scene. As I waited out there my cell phone rang.
After finishing her conversation with Pete, Beth got up to make herself breakfast; after all she was now eating for two. After she left Susan's house, she had gone straight to the drug store and purchased a home pregnancy test. Much to her delight, the test had come back positive.