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Chicago Warriors book is a result of the author finally listening and hearing His word. It’s a story based on many personal experiences; any characters’ names that bear a similarity to actual people is not meant to be a portrayal of them.

I woke up from my nap feeling great. My visit with Mac at the hospital, and then my meeting with Father Mike had given me a whole new perspective on things. I felt hopeful about the future, rather than feeling sorry for myself. I needed to get beyond disappointments and hurt, and make the best of the gifts that I had been blessed with.
Yes, of course you can," she said. "I'm just surprised that you called me since we haven't exactly been experiencing the best of times lately. I was afraid that something was wrong with either you or Mac.
Even though my dinner plans got scuttled, I felt like I was on top of the world. I needed to share my joy with someone. On the ride home I planned my day. First a workout and a run at St. Xav's, then over to Susan's to spend time with her and the boys, maybe even take the boys out to Dairy Queen for ice cream.
I woke up the next day feeling rested and prepared to enjoy my day off. As I started to prepare a pot of coffee the phone rang.
My biology class today left my head swimming, maybe because I just wasn't able to focus on the material. I was thinking about getting back on the Tac Team, and realizing how much more freedom that assignment offers cops like me that really love working the street.
They ran around the corner of the building, weapons drawn, and coming around the corner they saw two bodies lying on the of the bodies was Pete. Marilyn ran to the motionless form of her partner and immediately knelt down beside her fallen comrade.
The ride in the back of the police car to the hospital seemed to take forever. Beth tried to get information from Rev. Dean and Sgt. Bollig, but they would only say that Pete had been involved in an incident with a burglary suspect. Although she was still upset, her uneasiness was tempered by the fact that this had happened with Pete in the past.
The Major Case Squad and Crime Lab personnel had arrived at the shooting scene. Before their arrival however, Officer Groman had preserved the scene by marking off the area with bright yellow crime scene tape.
It was now two hours since Pete had been shot, and the hospital looked like a media event at some Hollywood movie premier.
I told you that I had pretty much figured out what happened out there at the shooting scene, but that I needed the doctor to tell me what type of rounds Pete was hit with.