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Building Self-Confidence with Encouraging Words book is for every one. Parents and caring adults will make sacrifices of time, treasure, and talent to insure happiness and well being for children, but will not do the same for themselves! They will persevere in a course of action if they can see that the end result will be a stronger, more confident child. Sometimes they forget that the most effective teaching method is to model behavior. Do it for them and their future.

A positive identity hinges on positive life experiences. An ideal place for positive experiences is in a safe and secure home. The more success a child experiences, the better he feels about himself and his place in the world. Focusing on assets and strengths builds a sense of worth. When we "en"courage our children to try new and different things, we give them the courage to make mistakes and take risks.
When you become a parent remember: To be in your children’s memories tomorrow, you have to be in their lives today. Our words, reactions and non-verbal language skills are very powerful tools, especially with impressionable children. When we pause and think before correcting and/or providing feedback on what our children are doing, we can choose positive reinforcement over negative putdowns.
Perfection Paralyzes. Some things need to be done really well, but most things just need to be done. When we focus on passing inspection or judgment of others, it is often easier for the inspected or judged one to just quit trying.
Encouraging words are a gift of courage. This gift is one of bravery, daring, and valor, giving you permission to take risks and to keep on trying. While it is important to give words of encouragement to others, it is vital to give them to yourself.
Building Respectful Relationships means better communications. There are five things that matter in a communication.
Communication is More Than Just Words, Same Words, Different Message. I would like to ask you to do an interactive experiment with me for a few minutes. The word we are all going to use is Oh. A very common word and one we use a number of times every day.
Positive Action Follows Positive Thought, What is The Law of Attraction? The underlying premise in the Law of Attraction is that all matter and energy are drawn to similar vibrations.
Grab a cup of tea and enjoy the next few minutes sharing ideas and tips that will bring an abundance of meaningful experiences and relationships into your life.
Being Positive, Grateful, and Confident is a Skill. You want to be self-confident and you want to build that inner core of strength in your children and grandchildren.