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An opinion is a person's ideas and thoughts towards something. It is an assessment, judgment or evaluation of something.

What are the unresolved questions about Vaishno Devi, the goddess residing in the Trekutaa mountains in Jammu and Kashmir in India? Read the article to find out...
The article is about the ongoing crisis in Egypt which seems to be under the guise of democracy. But looking at things, the uprising is not really about democracy but something else.
Will the Padmas,the highest civilian honour in India,be awarded to the really deserving ones on the 26th of JAN, 2011?
Is the Bofors-Ghotaalaa – the grandmother of all scams? Read the article to find out…!
Is it really possible to have a correct assessment about any historical figure by that historical figure’s own contemporaries especially if the figure happens to be Mohan Das Karamchand Gandhi whom the coveted Nobel Prize for Peace eluded during and even after his own lifetime? Read the article to find out for yourself.
Used ford trucks are still the best and the most reliable choice of all times. You can use them as you want and there will be no complains.
We have become so busy in our daily lives that we have left to appreciate or enjoy the nature.
Whataburger is one of the best fast food burger chains in Texas. Whataburger is one of those regional places that have been around for almost 50 years. Basically Whataburger is to Texas as White Castle is to New York or Chicago.
We all know there are all kinds of things that symbolize racism. Two things come to my mind, the Swastika and the Confederate flag. But recently I found a story that is stirring all kinds of controversy. A neighborhood in Summerville South Carolina is dealing with a white neighbor who is insisting on flying the confederate flag.
Lahore – May, Madam Hillary Visit Frequently