The Satisfaction Index - What Is It?

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"The Satisfaction Index" is a much better approach than the other approaches like the prosperity index, the development index, the product index, etc. The later terms are a bit restrictive and narrow in reach and implications. For example, a country may reach the desired level of "the prosperity index" and still find its citizens dissatisfied and an unhappy lot!

"The Satisfaction" is a better term than the other terms for the purpose. It shows whether the citizens are satisfied with the given level of development or not. The problems like the terrorism, etc. crop up due to mainly the dissatisfaction of citizens despite the presence of the so-called indicators of prosperity like the infrastructural tools [roads, hospitals, etc.] and the "supra-structural tools" [governmental agencies like the police, army, etc.].

A country can become problem-free if its citizens are satisfied. So, the state-apparatus has to keep finding out continuously "the national satisfaction index" so as to be able to keep removing the factors that caused the dissatisfaction in the first place itself.

"The Prosperity" is a "relative" term. What may be prosperity to "x" may well still be seen by "y" as a "Problem Area" needing more prosperity! For example, thousands of crores of rupees' worth developmental aid has been pumped into Jammu and Kashmir state by the central government of India. Still, Jammu and Kashmir remains a problem-state.

The main problem here is that the central government has so far failed in finding out the real factors responsible for the dissatisfaction amongst the ordinary citizen in Jammu and Kashmir. It goes without saying that no real corrective measures can be taken without exploring first the real problems.

The Satisfaction Index can be worked out on numerous levels as shown below:

[A] The Country Level:

1.            The local satisfaction index

2.            The regional satisfaction index

3.            The national satisfaction index

[B] The International Level:

1.            The regional satisfaction index

2.            The global satisfaction index

What constitutes the Satisfaction Index?

Well, the satisfaction index may be thought of in terms of the Gross Satisfaction Product [GSP], the Net Satisfaction Product [NSP] and the Gross Dissatisfaction Product [GDP].


Now, the GDP is composed of the dissatisfaction with the goods, services and information provided by the nation-state + the dissatisfaction caused by the extra-statial factors like the societal norms, the traditional values, the individual idiosyncrasies, etc.

When applied on the national level, the GSP becomes the GNSP [Gross National Satisfaction Product] and the NSP becomes the NNSP [Net National Satisfaction Product ].

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