2012 - Apocalyptic Myth or Truth?

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Never before has a time in history been as significant as the years around 2012 to so many cultures, religions, scientists and spiritual seekers alike. In spite of differing opinions and views about the 2012 phenomenon something amazing is occurring on our planet around 2012 as we are coming to the end of a planetary cycle, era or paradigm according to Mayan prophecy. Through 2012 our world continues to accelerate and shift during a rare cosmic alignment between our Sun and the Galactic Centre which happens only once in our lifetime and approximately 26,000 years.

Although 2012 is not a fatal prophecy or apocalypse about the end of the world like in the Hollywood movie, according to the Mayan Calendar it means that we are currently undergoing an unprecedented cosmic, energetic and evolutionary shift - a transitional choice point with a rare opportunity to truly change ourselves and the world.

Impacts of the 2012 Shift

The Shift is employing celestial triggers such as solar flares (storms on the Sun's surface) during a Sun-Earth alignment with the Galactic Centre in the years through and beyond 2012 - triggering the evolution of our planet and mankind as a species. It is becoming more and more clearly visible through a number of social, political, ideological, economic, environmental upheavals and crises occurring on the planet right now, such as:

- Earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, climate and other physical Earth changes

- The power balance in the world is shifting from West to East

- The banks and our economies are weak because irresponsible, economic growth models and greedy financial systems are no longer sustainable (e.g. the U.S. and European debt crisis, Occupy "Wall Street" etc.)

- The natural resources of the Earth are strained and the marine ecosystems on the brink of collapse (if the human population continues to grow to 9 billion people in 2050 as predicted the Earth can no longer sustain and support us)

- Our leaders are not addressing enough of these concerns and problems

- Social confusion, chaos, uprising, unrest and upheavals (e.g. in the Middle East)

- Time and evolution are accelerating (our perception of time and reality is changing)

- New technological, scientific breakthroughs and inventions

- Shocking developments, unexpected and turbulent world events continue

Whether or not you believe in this association with 2012 - there's some reality to look at for
sure. Clearly something is changing or has to change whether or not we believe it is triggered by the 2012 Shift of the Ages. It can be a wild and scary time for sure. So uncertain, on the brink of Heaven knows what is going to happen next. Pretending that the 2012 phenomenon is not real might be downright stupid if not dangerous as there is strong potential for a big collective shift to occur. This might entail a lot of chaos, because whenever big collective shifts occur, every individual on Planet Earth reacts and responds differently.

How those reactions unfold will therefore determine what actually happens to us. Whether we expect things to change or not, are attached to how they are changing or just watch as the story of the world continues to unfold, something about our old world and ways of life are in for an overhaul.
How we deal with Self is going to be critical for these chaotic times of transition and transformation and the accelerated evolutionary process that is now in progress. If you have been wondering what the heck is going on or "wrong" with the world - you are certainly not alone. There are millions of people around the globe who are starting to question things as we are being impacted by some BIG changes.
Whatever is coming our way, it is only natural if we are sensing something "is in the air" during these unusual times. When we scrape the surface of the daily news we can see that what looks like mere incidents might in fact be triggered by the 2012 Shift phenomenon.

The Great Shift of the Ages, according to many astrologers, has been underway for decades as we pass from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age. The first happened already in the late 60'ies with the social upheavals and hippie-movement. For good or bad what happened then was only a "rehearsal" of what is happening now and in the forthcoming years that is shaping our planet and civilization.

In this way the 2012 Shift is a subject of controversy related to the past, present and future. It is shaping our humanity and the apocalyptic scenarios and destructive stereotypes of what it is like being ‘human'.
Transparent, information complemented with news not heard in mainstream media about 2012 is needed to break down stereotypes, hearsay and gushing myths that tend to reflect the (fears of the) mass consciousness about this "planetary transformation".
You may have been thinking how we can make the much needed adjustments that are going to enable humanity to survive in the future instead of bringing the world on a future crash course. This is not an easy task of course, but there are many ways we can make a positive change through our individual psyche that can benefit our communities and the world at large. It is about becoming more awake and aware as human beings in order to take responsibility for the changes that are greatly needed. After all, real change always starts with us, the people....

Why 2012 Is Not in the News
Many people would prefer status quo, so the 2012 phenomenon or Shift is not something we are encouraged to think or read about in the news. Even though it is REALLY breaking news and change is going to happen, and we have to realize that something is profoundly changing on our planet. In order to surf the "2012 wave" that is coming in we therefore, have to stay tuned and alert to what is really happening within (our human being) and without (in the world around us). Staying "tuned" is the only way to move forward into a new time, paradigm or era that is emerging for our Earth. If we can make the much needed individual and collective shifts and choices that are in alignment with the Shift we can actually decide our future instead of having it "happen to us" and it becomes too late and change comes knocking on our door- as a "cosmic" course correction" that will whack us upside the head.

What Can You/We Do then?
If we can understand that consciously or unconsciously we are in these unprecedented times of change while undergoing a potent, evolutionary Shift - together it becomes too much easier than if we strive or try to make it all alone. Secondly, we have to become aware of how our individual thoughts, words and actions are often governed by our so-called human catastro-phobia of fears that can only lead us in the wrong direction as they do not allow us to truly consciously, collectively shape the "new" world.
How often does fear not keep us entrapped in old ways of thinking, being or living that do not really support us in acknowledging the human beings that we truly are? Or what we could do and become if we found a way to release them? The Shift is about learning to embrace and embody the fullness of our true potential as human beings.

By paying more attention to our internal dialogue we can learn to stand firm and strong "on the edge" of a whole new paradigm instead of being fearful or "panicking". Fear is a restrictive and dangerous human trait - that keep us subdued and do not allow our true human nature to shine. Many people are feeling strained, stressed, panicking or going into fear right now because they do not know what to do about the unexpected or unprecedented changes that are happening on an individual and global scale. If there is a sense of pressure in the air we need to stay calm and firm and not get caught up in dramas or turmoil by understanding that the 2012 phenomenon is a backdrop to some of the personal and collective change events we are witnessing even if we have no clue what to do about them right now.

We can no longer afford to live in fear or ignorance about these changing times. We need to do something about the many inner psychological problems and worldly challenges we are facing. They are clearly interwoven with the whole fabric of human life and civilization and we are not alone with them. Rather we are one human tribe going through similar things as we are the ones living through and shaping our times.

A Shake Up or Wake Up Call?
If the "old world" is going through a shake up or we are going through a personal wake-up call, we have to keep all this shifting energy in some kind of perspective and realize that the universe is requiring of us to rise above our current ways and means and become more "spiritual". Life as we have come to know it is not going back to the way it was. On the contrary- life on our planet is heading in a new direction as we are facing a crossroad or choice point of a new cycle for our Earth and world. We are given a rare opportunity during these shifting times to (re)connect with our human essence/ spiritual being at this time in order to figure out how we are going to move forward, progress or proceed with the next stage of our human evolution.


If this sounds farfetched or otherworldly to you - you may need to think again if you go within or take a look at the world around you. How does it all really feel or look like and what does this tell you? Is everything perfectly "normal" or do you sense something different or unusual is occurring? Where, when, how? The higher intensity, energy level or frequency that is currently inundating the planetary sphere is increasingly making more and more people consider some of the above and other existential questions. All that requires a special skill set or tool box. If this is true for everyone, it is especially true for people who are intuitively sensitive to or awakened to the "new vibes"....

Our thoughts, emotions, behaviours and actions are shaping our reality and become part of what is going on in the world around us and vice versa. This pertains to our personal lives, communities and the world at large that if we continue on a path of greed, hatred, fear, egotism, separation or dualism of thinking, how can we expect others to make a change or the world to get any better? In other words our world can only reflect what we are ready to accept goes on inside of us.

Clearing Out the Old and Outdated
In this way 2012 is about clearing out old emotional cob-webs and trunks. Just as you would not keep a smelly fur coat with moth larva or holes in your closet - we don't want to carry old wounds, hurts, fears, mental/emotional aberrations and spiritual debris with us forever. Or do we?

Although this may seem somewhat intimidating or frightening at first glance because most
of us are not used to looking "inside our closets" before blaming the outside world or others, going within and taking a closer look at ourselves allows us to fill our lives with new energy (thoughts, emotions and actions) that can open new spaces and beginnings that can take us in new directions.
Indeed the 2012 Shift is a once in a lifetime individual, global and cosmic event where the world "flips over" into a new cycle, paradigm or era. In this way we are sharing an amazing time of emergency and emergence that is bound to make its mark and impact all of us.

It certainly doesn't help when the 2012 Shift is here if we are still sitting on the side line or fences wondering what's going to happen to us - thinking that the world is going to end or we are going to die. It is probably going to be much more profound than that because the 2012 Shift of the Ages is already here!

Default Author Bio
Peter Christian is a psychologist, educator, journalist and author. He has lived in 5 different countries while participating in the human potential, spiritual and planetary transformation movement spanning over two decades. His first book "The Shift of the Ages through 2012 and Beyond - The Biggest Change Challenge of Our Time" - a guide book on the 2012 Shift and phenomenon, is published and available on Amazon and other channels.

You can follow his 2012 Shift blog on:




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