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The Battle of Waterloo was executed on Sunday 18 June 1815 near Waterloo, Belgium. The forces of the French Empire led by Emperor Napoleon I and Michel Ney were defeated by the Seventh Coalition including an Anglo-Allied army led by the Duke of Wellington and a Prussian led by Gebhard von Blücher.
An idealist,a realist or a pure pragmatic personality? How do you perceive the current USA President - Barack Hussein Obama?
The USA and NATO led Afghan forces are pushing deeper into the southern stronghold of Taliban in Afghanistan amidst reports of the Taliban using Afghan people as Human Shields to thwart the military offensive against them.
Did you know Aamir Khan hates being told he is wrong? Well, the analysis of his handwriting says he is. Let's find out more about him.
Very few things are as bad as corporal punishment. But it continues to exist in schools, which tramples the childhood of many students. The solution is not to sack violent and mean teachers: instead let's filter them out at the recruitment level. One way to spot such teachers is to look at their handwriting and see if they have a tendency to get violent and abuse children. This article will tell you how.
Analysis of Rahul Gandhi's handwriting sample
The Active Denial System or as it also called ADS is a less-lethal, directed-energy weapon that was instituted by the United States military. It is a strong millimeter-wave transmitter generally utilized for crowd control. Some Active Denial Systems such as HPEM ADS are also put in place to disable vehicles. It is sometimes in informal settings considered the pain ray.
President Obama must think wisely before making the final judgement on Iran. The case for the War may have valid arguments, but not enough for a War, much less, Economic Sanctions.
The US Green Building Council (USGBC) created a rating system, LEED, to help identify green and sustainable building practices. This system identifies the important components of healthy building and strives to improve the conditions in the areas most vital for sustainable living.
Recently, several people including some students, committed suicide in India. They decided to end their lives due to examination pressure. Here I wish to discuss in brief that using handwriting analysis, the suicidal tendency of an individual can be spotted. The first sign to look for is depression. Let me show you how to spot depression in handwriting.