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Federal Trade Commission Do Not Disturb/Do Not Call

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Did you know that effective September 2008 a key piece of telemarketing sales rule amendments regarding pre-recorded calls has gone into effect as of, right now? According to, states that overall. Its role Holte prerecorded sales calls, and most of the seller obtains consumers permission.

To be honest with you, I know I'm not slowest off the mental starting line, and I don't get. For example. I will quote directly from FTC that God's website. Okay here goes. "Just like the provisions of the Do Not Call Registry, these changes will protect consumers' privacy." Chairman of the FTC.

Sorry, I just don't get it. Maybe I need a Beltway Translator. What I don't understand is, what part of do not call, of the Do Not Call Registry, meant, rule does not apply to telemarketers?

And apparently this was true enough that I was able to see this rule amendment filed with the and look in /08. And finally looking for TSR.SHTM

So for the moment, please take my word for it that the document is where I said it is.

Here's the juicier parts for you, as a human being, in the United States, can use.

Step one. It doesn't matter if the law allowed for telemarketers to be given the choice of being hung or being shot for their "crime".

You must register with the arm of the Federal Trade Commission, either by calling 888.382.1222, or going to the website, I have filed in the footnotes.

Presuming you do have ready Internet access and a valid e-mail address that the FTC can respond to, carries the possible advantage of being able to register up to three of your own personal phone numbers, at one go. Certainly calling the toll-free number listed above works, and the caveat is you must call the toll-free number from each of the devices you wish to register.

Fortunately for me, my life is not that complex, at least compared to some. Registering three phone numbers and doing a one-time e-mail reply, yeah. That covers my life. Apparently, some people have to register more than three phone numbers. And the FTC acknowledges this. And yes, if this describes you, you do have to register all your phone numbers, three at a time. Of course I must caution you that the FTC does say. And I quote, "There is a limit on the number of phone numbers you can register in this manner."

Don't you love how specific our government is, that will tell you exactly what it won't allow.

Unless it doesn't tell you what it doesn't allow.

Even the amusement park has rules. I once saw a sci-fi short film that used the fact that the monster did not meet the minimum height requirement sign for attacking the city.

And I'll go on the record here and say, yeah. I like rules as well. They keep me out of trouble, if I know I'm not supposed to do.

Now maybe you'll like the wide berth the has even you.

Now that apparently Do Not Call Registry has more meaning to the Do Not Call Registry, then the National Do Not Call Registry from the FTC, to begin with, how many years ago?

Of course, it takes all kinds to make the world go around. Yes folks. There are folks who would like to make sure their number is *not* the National Do Not Call Registry.

I Guess the Lonely.

By using the telephone number you wish to delete call. 1.888.382.1222.

A buddy of mine told me the back space fuction of his eyes was broken.

So, I'll repeat that.


Your welcome.

Other little details, I uncovered where: you stay in the database until a number is disconnected and reassigned or you choose to have your number removed.

If your number is disconnected and reconnected, you may need to reregister. You can confirm your in or out status by calling 1888.382.1222

TTY can use: 1.866.290.4236

Or you can do this all at the website

Tcat Houser is a trainer in Information Technology as well as assisting people understand the most complex computer all, the human brain. This necessitates his being a professional Road warrior.

As A Certified Technical Trainer and Subject Matter Expert (SME) @ it can be difficult to figure out what Tcat is currently researching.

See my lastest work at - Convert Articles, Reviews into Videos Automagically.

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