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When you find yourself in need of legal advice, it helps to know that you have a prepaid legal services plan in place. Time is at a premium when you need a competent attorney to handle questions or issues for you. Prepaid plans help you to arrange for and pay for an attorney in advance of the need. An advance plan means the cost of fees is significantly reduced.
It is important to keep abreast of the ever-evolving law pertaining to non-competition restrictive covenants. Mid-level marketers of petroleum product often encounter or need to consider such covenants in a) employment contracts with key personnel, and b) contracts involving the acquisition of locations or other jobberships.
Recently, the Court of Appeals of the State of Georgia in the case of Tri-County Investment Group, Ltd. v. Southern States, Inc., case number A97A2178 (3-16-98) addressed and summarized the law in the State of Georgia pertaining to the statute of limitations concerning cases involving "continuing torts".
An easement is a right of use over property of another. A characteristic of an easement is that there exists a burdened property and a benefited property.
Issues often arise concerning the appropriate measure of damages in situations where retailers have breached the supply agreement with the supplier. Under Georgia law, damages recoverable for a breach of contract are such as arise naturally and according to the usual course of things from such breach and such as the parties contemplated, when the contract was made, as the probable result of its breach.