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Many times it's worth trying to contact a judgment debtor to see if they are willing to pay, settle, or set up a payment plan. Because of state and federal laws, one must be careful when doing so.
As with many laws, the complete set of FDCPA laws are lengthy and difficult to understand. Some of the most important sections specify that creditors must be careful not to tell people about the judgment debtor's debt.
The web offers us a way to spend countless hours shopping. Shopping your judgment wastes a lot of time for everyone, and almost never gets you paid faster.
More and more, people are using private post office box stores such as The UPS Store, because they usually have more features at a better price than the USPS post office offers.
What if you find a bank funds transfer, right after the debtor had taken your money, to a third party, such as the debtor's spouse, business partner, or their friend? How can you add this newly discovered crooked party to your judgment? Usually you do not, you must start a new lawsuit.
Interestingly, the California judicial council forms for memorandum of costs and writs, can lead to occasionally (and wrongly) showing negative amounts owed, when multiple writs are obtained after a levy has already been done.
A satisfaction of judgment is a (correctly filled out and usually notarized) court form which is filed and endorsed (stamped) by the court. Only a satisfaction of judgment can eliminate a judgment debt.
Texas has three court levels - the Texas Justice "JP" Courts, Texas County Courts, and the Texas District Courts.
Robbing a person lands you in state court. Robbing a bank lands you in federal court. Selling drugs in one town lands you in state court, driving drugs across state lines lands you in federal court. Hit and run usually lands you in state court, hit and run at a federal park lands you in federal court.
You can find a judgment enforcer that will try to enforce the judgment. They cannot guarantee that they can enforce your judgment, but they only get paid if they are successful, so they will try.