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Companies who buy judgments, and pay you cash today, are limited in number. However, there are hundreds if not thousands of companies who will “purchase” your judgment on a “future pay” basis.
You have won a court judgment that the debtor owes you money. The National Judgment Recovery Center divides the collection process into steps like abstraction of judgment, research upon the judgment and debtor assets and engaging the counsel at the court.
A court judgment does not mean the debtor will pay you. However, there are a variety of court orders which can be obtained post-judgment to motivate the debtor to pay you.
This article reviews an excellent book on the legal strategy for implementation of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was one of the most prominent and important pieces of Civil Rights Legislation
Deciding what medical care to undertake has recently been a big issue. Questions whether it is the right of the patient to decide or the court's to require came out. It is but necessary to discuss this issue. One concern or situation may not be enough to determine which is which, but it definitely will open minds.