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Many students feel that school uniforms are a major fashion killer. Learn how to make uniforms unique with polos, uniforms, girls necklaces and more.
Choose outfits that let your style shine as brightly as the summer sun, with dresses, girl’s sweaters, girl’s belts, outerwear and more.
Don't let your student freeze this winter; choose the best school uniform for winter by abiding by the school uniform policy and being creative with winter warming techniques.
Help your kids find wardrobe essentials such as jeans, camis, t shirts, and hoodies that can provide versatility, while still providing wiggle room for unique styles and accessories.
If you are a parent whose child is suffering from teasing, you should remember that there are options. Teach your child that there are different ways to deal with teasing, and encourage them to choose the one that will make them feel confident and good about themselves. Read the article and help your children Practice Ignoring Hurtful Remarks.
Are you concerned about your child's experiences in school? Here are some ideas to go the extra mile in building partnerships with the teacher and school to produce major results in academic success. Parents make the difference in a child's education and love of learning. We can help with homework and read together daily. We can ask questions to encourage critical thinking. You can become involved as a partner in the education and learning environment your child and those who do not have an advocate.