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Fashion is a popular topic for everyone from teenagers to adults. A popular fashion statement amongst both teens and adults are bracelets.
A pearl necklace is something that every woman aspires to have. Pearl necklaces have always been associated with ladies who want to add a classy look to their personality.
A platinum engagement ring represents everlasting love. Platinum is a naturally occurring metal that is rare and durable. It is perfect for jewellery making because it is hypoallergenic and physically white. This metal perfectly represents your lasting love.
Rings are a popular accessory for women of all ages and in all social settings. The great thing about rings is that they are designed to look good, noticeable and flashy.
Cartier’s “Love Bracelet” was first seen in the summer of 1969. It was created by designer Aldo Cipullo, whose early work for Cartier focused on modern interpretations of ancient designs and legends.
Established in the mid 1800s, the world famous watch manufacturer Panerai has undergone a long history.
Roger Dubuis, love it or hate it (but you can hardly miss it), continues to offer aesthetically avant-garde and drastically "different" watches this year, coupled by some new movements.
The new Hublot Classic Fusion Opaline Dial automatic watch is powered by one of their first in-house movements from the Unico project. Now, that is what I call a real Swiss watch.
Wedding Ring comes in different style and pattern with different type of metals. It can be gold, platinum, silver etc. it defers from person to person which metal they prefer more.
Everyone would prefer handmade gifts and handmade jewelry as a special gift for someone. The most important reason is that they would be looking for something unique, something unusual; a jewelry gift that you can not find everywhere.