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Do You Need to Overcome Your Fear? Trading in the stock market can be a hazardous and yet it can also be quite a profitable enterprise.
According to popular Blogger – Fredy the Fly of the fly tales - even with Obama in the white house, the ever popular Dollar bashing is on again...
Small Profits are Better Than No Profits At All. Once you have learned to know the traps and pitfalls of trading in the stock market, (Usually by bitter experience) you can then more readily avoid them.
One of things that comes with experience is a trading edge. If you are unable to develop a good trading edge over the other traders.
Think Before You Start Trading in the Stock Market.
Basic Steps for Picking Those High Performance Stocks
Momentum Trading Can Bring You Good Profits
Your time is one of your most valuable assets -- invest it into the true values. If you park your money on a savings account, it is steadily melting away; as a better option, invest it into the real assets. This is the second article on this subject and considers the YES-side: what does have the true value and how to find real assets?
How to Learn the Psychology of a Successful Trader
Forex Technical Analysis: The Art of Foretelling the Future by Looking at the Past