How Using Twitter Can Grow Your Business

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock you understand that Twitter is a phenomenal medium where people can glance into your life to see who you really are. This being said, it’s a good idea to set-up an account immediately at

Once your account is active, you’ll be able to post “Tweets” about things that are going on in your business or personal life daily, as well as what you’re doing and thinking about. Now, I’m not saying you need to document your entire life’s story, but simply let people know when something worth posting surfaces. I recommend Tweeting articles / videos related to your profession or ones that are comical in nature.

The tweets that you post daily are very revealing about yourself and basically tell others if you have things in common, are a trusted resource, or if you’re just plain crazy! I’ve met several people that are interested in social media marketing, outdoor sports, and others that have the same type of dog I do. It’s pretty incredible with whom you can connect with in this form of social media.

When navigating on Twitter, pay attention to what people are saying. If there is a question someone has posted, go right ahead and answer it. I know, at first it may feel like eavesdropping, but I assure you everything is fine. When viewing a Tweet that you want to comment on, don’t think, just do it.

You can even use to search for related topics about your business locally. When you answer questions, you’re instantly viewed as a problem solver and a resource.

This is a short-list of reasons to use Twitter every day:

1) You can easily establish connections and meet new friends that eventually may do business with you
2) You get fresh, minute-by-minute insight as to what is happening in peoples lives
3) You get access to links to articles folks have read and particularly enjoyed
4) It’s the perfect place to ask legit questions and obtain answers
5) You can connect with people in your local area
6) You can get massive amounts of new business

Twitter is actually pretty easy to understand, you just have to begin today and get familiar with it. I would rate it much simpler than many other social networks discussed in the past. Keep in mind that you always want to add value to a Twitter conversation. This is very basic. If you contribute something of value, individuals will thank you and be inclined to remember you. Some may decide to also follow you in return. In its basic form, though, you’ll have gotten someones attention.

The first thing to do once you get on Twitter is to get yourself a user name. Decide which of the examples below you want to mimic. If you want, you can alter the names later, but makes sure you think ahead. In a local niche, review these hypothetical listings below for ideas.

- Plummer & your Name = @PlummerJack

- Regular Name = @MatthewLoop

- Attorney Related = @AttorneyLady

- Name & Area / Location = @JaredMI

- Brand-Name = @FreeCreditBen

Do yourself a favor and set-up an account on Twitter today. I can promise you it’s just as fun and addicting as YouTube or Facebook. Continued success!

Dr. Matthew Loop is the president of

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