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This includes the development of e-commerce and e-business strategies for leveraging organisational procedures and processes via the Internet. Read more business case studies and see other case study examples on Rob Abdul's site.
What are the most popular social networking websites in America? What are the demographics of the users that frequent these sites?
Facebook is the world’s leading social network, attracting over 750 million users worldwide.
Business are realising the power that social media marketing can have on achieving their overall marketing and business objectives.
ProQure | Entrance Mats & Matting Service. While many small companies question social media's ROI, ProQure embraces it with all its heart - and this gave ProQure a competitive advantage.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock you understand that Twitter is a phenomenal medium where people can glance into your life to see who you really are. This being said, it’s a good idea to set-up an account immediately at
Since Facebook has over 500 million active users, it’s important that small businesses like attorneys, chiropractors, realtors, dentists and cosmetic surgeons participate regularly on the network. Facebook can also be a massive lead generation magnet if used correctly.
Social media marketing is extremely important to your business and as this marketing method evolves, so must you and your business. Social media marketing is marketing through online communities, social networking sites, blogs, etc. If you are not already utilizing social sites for your business, you need to start NOW!
One of the definitions of revolution is a sudden, sweeping change in something.
The usefulness and effects of a lot of modern inventions are under debate.