The Challenges Of Search Engine

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There are a number of areas on the Internet that are used to help us find websites. These areas are generally referred to as search engines. Search engines can be
broken down into three groups:1. Automated search engines (that use software to collect and index the content of pages) For Examples: 2. Directories (that use human editors to categorize web pages by subject) For Examples:
3. Hybrid search engines (that use both of the above)For Examples:

What's wrong with Search Engines? Well, not very much. Most search engines work very well -the only real problem is that they are overworked. Imagine for a moment if you were to try and
catalogue every word of every page of every website that exists, including those that are beingnbuilt right now, and in the future. Now throw in the element of all the web pages that are changed
or deleted, and you would have a pretty big chore on your hands. This is precisely what we are expecting the search engines to do for us. It's simply a lot of work to catalogue.

The number one goal of anyone who owns any website is "to be in the top ten listings of every search engine." Depending on the search category you are listed in, with the millions of websites
in existence, you can see how difficult it can be for a website to be in a top ten category. For example, if you are trying to get top placement selling space shuttles, you will have a much easier
time than trying to get a top placement as a car dealer. Consider too, that if you are in the top ten,there can be hundreds of people with similar websites gunning for your spot on the search engine
placement list.

I believe that every website should be registered with the search engines. I don't agree that every website should try to be in the top ten listings of every search engine. If your clients are
worldwide, search engine placement MAY be more critical. If your clients are local, the searchengine placement is probably less of a concern but, in either case, you must be the judge of that.
This manual will only provide you with basic techniques to help you get your website listed on the search engines. If you are convinced that your website needs a high-search engine placement,

I recommend that you hire one of the many companies who specializes in search engine placement.In order to have your website listed with a search engine or directory, your website needs to be
submitted. Each search engine or directory uses a different method for submission. Some search engines require payment in order for them to list your website. Some search engines do not make
it obvious where to go on their web pages in order to make your website submission. If you have problems finding their submission page, send them an e-mail requesting the link.

Submitting to the directories is relatively easy; it is a matter of finding the category you want to be listed in and submitting your website under that category.

Please keep in mind that each submission has to be reviewed by a human being, so it may take some time (weeks) before you are added to the directory. Submitting your site to search engines can be a bit more difficult. The
three most important tags to have in the HTML programming of your website are:1. Web page Title (used to title individual web page, the more descriptive the better) 2. Meta Description

(a concise description of your website functions and/or purpose) 3. Meta Key Words (unique words that describe your products, services or area) Following are examples of properly created tags inserted into an HTML web page:
It is crucial that the above three key areas are knowledgeably created because the search engines use the information in these three areas to rank your website against all the other websites.

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