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So you’re the most precious, priceless and invaluable product. Like any product, you’ve functional, perceived and symbolic benefits.
In pre-launch phase, we’ll start with the concept of creating and building mastermind group.
An Olympic champion, a successful salesperson and two exceptional parents – What does it take to achieve greatness in life, no matter what you’re trying to accomplish? In my opinion, it all comes down to perfecting the fundamentals. Without being able to perform the basics it will literally be impossible for you to succeed in whatever it may be.
Recent research by CMS Watch, an independent analyst firm that analyzes CMS technologies, reports that Big Blue is falling behind its major competitors in the Web CMS marketplace. What does this mean for IBM? Well it means that their competitors have been spending more time on their Web CMS technologies and IBM may have to seek out the option to acquire a WCM vendor to keep the distance from expanding.