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The big error being made here is some folks think that social media (Twitter for example) is just a different form of marketing. A sort of a 140 character billboard that they can scream ‘Buy Me’ or ‘Check this out!’ from. Oh help us!
How Twitter is changing the way you interact online - and WHO you interact WITH.
Put the Power of Twitter to work in YOUR business without the limitations of the default GUI. These tools will make your Tweets Sweet!
Twitter is a micro blogging service which cheers users to post regular status updates and interesting facts or links using 140 characters or less.
Do you know that you can sell your product on twitter also? I observed that many companies don't know how to sell their products on Twitter. Even most of these companies don't even try since the Twitter experience just doesn't make sense to them.
I find twitter search more efficient, because of its real time search results. I was looking for a script on twitter search and I got the most recent 9 tweets for my query that I was searching for. I got both real-time Twitter search results and Google results on the same page.
The most basic way of using Twitter to build traffic to your blog is to post updates on Twitter whenever you make a blog post. But there's so much more to Twitter than that. The Twitter site has one question and one question only - What are you doing? How you answer this question is completely up to you.
The Twitter juggernaut just refuses to stop. After the resounding success of twitter where people have coined an entire dictionary of new twitter terminology, we have yet another launch.
Yes! This is no spam account and Google has very much officially signed up to Twitter...
Twitter is all the rage now in the social media. There are millions connected to each other through what is called a system of following or having followers in a micro-blogging system. Thousands of conversations are taking place every minute which is posted on a page where you can follow what your followers are talking.