Review of the five types of social shopping in 2010

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2010 witnessed the "social shopping" services to rise. Social shopping dependent on social networking, outsourcing and smart phones scanners. The following is five major types of social shopping in the year 2010.

Since the shopping network will have an impact, whether or Boo.cpm, or today's Amazon and eBay. So what shopping methods were born in 2010?

(Daily Deals)
Groupon is one of the most successful traders in 2010. In October, the CTO Ken Pelletier was asked why Groupon growing so quickly, he explained that oral communication play an important role in its development. So how the social software will be linked together with shopping? Pelletier believes that people share transaction information with friends for many reasons, perhaps to help a friend saving money, it may be to go shopping together, or other social reasons.

Groupon's high degree of social sharing, and its services on Twitter and Facebook have a lot of activities.

(Real-Time Social Shopping)
In July, the online auctioneer Woot (Amazon bought online auction phenomenon Woot) appears on Amazon, its core service is to provide a discounted product every day, these offers ended until the goods sold out. These products have the basic quality assurance although irregularity.

(Location Check-ins)
Location Check-ins is a big trend in this year, even affect the shopping industry (someone expressed that the the future of location apps is shopping). A good example is, American Express and Federated Media launched out the called Social Currency as a free iPhone app, based on 4q (Fourquare) platform. Users can use this app to track the information of the goods they want to buy, upload shopping pictures, reviews information of friends on the behavior, of course, all of which will be timely to update on Twitter and 4q.

(Facebook Shopping)
This year, the shadow of Facebook have emerged in different industries, shopping naturely is one of them. In July, Amazon and Facebook co-operated, adding the social recommendation features such as favorite and most favorite to the products .

As long as the user's Facebook account linked with the Amazon, Amazon will be able to get the interests and preferences of the user's friends, the Amazon provide suggestions to the users based on these recommendations, and also lists the rankings, of course, recommendations will be provided based on user's interest .

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(Bar Code Scanning)
Useing smart phones to scan to bar Code is another emerging trend in 2010. Although in a technical perspective, this is not a "social shopping", but this allows the consumers to share the shopping information on the network.

Currently it's a wide range of bar code scanning mobile apps, eBay bought the Red Laser in July, Amazon also joined in this trend through Amazon Mobile. Red Laser is the first rise of iPhone bar code scanning applications. Users use the Red Laser scanning on the bar code of goods in store, then obtain different price informations from vendors.

Bar code scanning is a fast growing market, according to statistics, the number of users of bar code scanning increased by 700% in 2010. There are other Bar Code Scanning, such as the Buy-funded Tecca and the google goggles.

Overall, 2010 is one year of the combination of social technology and retail industries.
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