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Back in 2002, Google launched Froogle, their product search engine. It’s named was created by mixing the terms “frugal” and “Google” together.
If you would like a quicker, more efficient and cost effective way to process payments online for your business, then you should look into setting up an ACH direct deposit processing payment solution. ACH direct deposits offer a better way to transfer, credit and debit funds to and from your client’s bank accounts with ease.
Do you have products to sell and want to get them in Google? If so, then you should submit your products to Google Base. By submitting your products to Google Base, you'll essentially be submitting them to the Google search engine. Once your product feed is approved, your products will appear in areas such as Google Product Search, Google Base and in many cases, the Google search engine itself.
PayPal, a global leader in secure online payment solutions with over 100 million account members worldwide has just met their match. Google has just launched their new secure online payment solution called Google Checkout™, which will work very similar to how PayPal operates.