Why Don't More Real Estate Agencies Do Business Article Marketing?

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Those who are in the market to sell or buy a home and who've attempted to undertake research on the internet to find a real estate agent know this:

It is simple to locate general information about selling and buying property, but it is far harder to get actual agents in your location.

Now why is this?

=> It Is Simply All Down To Referrals

Ever since the start of this industry, real estate agents have depended on customer referrals for their business.

The majority of the time these are verbal referrals from previous customers, and oftentimes these recommendations come from the yard sign board with the agencies name on it.

In the past without referrals, you could not maintain your company.

In reality this is still true, however the landscape has developed dramatically with the creation of the web.

=> Google Is The Biggest And The Best Referral Source In The World

These Days, when a person needs detailed in the order of relevance with the most likely detailed first.

The number one listed sites have been calculated by Google (or whichever search engine is being utilised) to be the most important site relating to the search criteria that were entered.

Generally people do go with the results at the very top, with the number one listed site receiving the maximum interest.

=> What Can This Mean For Real Estate Agents?

Within the offline world, the agent who obtains the maximum amount of client referrals is almost certainly the most productive, skilled, experienced, and well-connected agent in town. It really would be very unusual for a newcomer to the game to be swamped with way more client referrals than a well seasoned veteran.

In the online world though, the realtor that gets the most client referrals is the one who has marketed their site most efficiently.

It doesn't make any difference how long you've been trading or for that matter how good an agent you are.

The reality is where your site is listed in the search engine's rankings really is dependent on how well you have gone about marketing your website.

=> It's Not Enough To Only Have A Website

Even if you're not that internet or computer savvy, it's just not possible to carry on ignoring the increasingly important role that the web is taking in society today.

It is likely at some point you have said: "Enough already - I give in. I'll have a website as it seems to be the thing that everybody is doing these days."

OK so, you've put together a website (or more likely paid somebody to make it for you), and you thought to yourself that issue was done with.

Well, I'm afraid: It's not enough to only have a website. Making a site will not always bring your brand additional referrals and exposure.

The fact is, unless you promote your website, it could sit in relative obscurity and no one will be able to locate it unless you actually meet them yourself and give them the website's url. This really is not the way things should be.

What you really want to happen is that anybody in the area can look up 'estate agent' + the city and then your site will be detailed high in the results list, ideally in the number 1 position.

This is the ideal way to get a constant influx of new referrals for your company.

No matter how experienced or well connected you are as a realtor, your offline referral network can never match the incredibly power of Google.

=> Free Internet Marketing Advice For Realtors

If you have not done it by now, you have to make a site for your brand. If you can't do it yourself, it's worth every penny to pay an expert to do this for you. The website doesn't need to be flashy the more simple the better. Then promote your new website.

By far the most effective and simplest online promotional tool is article marketing. You don't need to know anything technical or specialist to be able to utilse this powerful tool - all you have to do is create articles on the topic of your particular niche, submit them regularly, and do that over the long term.

Do you have any questions at all about promoting a property site? When will you create time in the next seven days to put together and submit your first article?


For more info on how you can use article marketing to reach thousands of potential prospects for your website, go now to http://www.submityourarticle.com/report . Steve Shaw is an article marketing expert and founder of the popular article distribution service http://www.submityourarticle.com used by thousands of business owners.

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