Article Marketing Tips: Writing Article Conclusions That Make Readers Want More

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What is the correct and most effective way to end an article? When you finish saying everything you want to say, do you abruptly stop writing? When you are writing a list article, do you simply let the article end after your final list item?

It is so tempting to skimp on the end of an article. After you've written your title and intro and so carefully presented your argument in the article body, it can be a bit perplexing to figure out how to bring an article to a strong close.

It is crucial that you make the most of every part of your article, including the conclusion.

What Is The Purpose Of The Conclusion?

=> It wraps-up your article.

=> It inspires the reader to take action after reading your article.

=> It pushes the reader to think on a deeper level about your topic.

The conclusion is to be a summary of what you have covered in the article body, and also a means of propelling the reader to move forward in some way.

Here are 3 article marketing tips for writing a conclusion that serves you in the best possible way:

1 - Tell the reader what to do next. The more specific you are in your instructions, the more likely the reader is to take action.

Sometimes I accomplish this by assigning "homework" at the end of an article. I list one or more simple steps that a reader would do to put the principles I've taught in my article into practice.

There is no shortage of information on the internet, but the idea when creating an excellent online article submission is not only to provide information but to also inspire the reader to apply the information in a practical way to his or her own life.

2 - Encourage questions in a subtle way.

I consider an article to be a sort of classroom where the author is the teacher and the reader is the student. If done correctly, discreetly asking the reader if he has any questions can be entirely appropriate.

Questions such as:

Do you have any questions about how to do [topic of your article]?

Is there anything that is holding you back from implementing the tips outlined in this article?

Or you may make similar requests for questions from the reader. You have to be careful that you are subtle-never ask the reader to contact you or try to lead the reader to your website for more information in the article body. If you do so, your article may be interpreted as being promotional and be thus declined, so be careful.

3 - Ask questions that call the reader to action. Such as:

Which of these tips will you use in your next article?

When will you make time this week to write an article that employs these tips?

Notice that these are not "yes" or "no" questions. They require the reader to think and answer very specifically.

Your homework this week:

1 - Write at least one article uses one of these 3 styles of ending an article.

2 - Pay particular attention to your conclusion and experiment with different ways of inspiring your reader to take action after reading your article.


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