Article Marketing Tips: 5 Baby Steps For Creating Higher Quality Articles

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When you are writing articles for article marketing, it is a great opportunity to improve your writing skills.

How in the world can you develop your writing skills?

How can you tell when you are getting better?

In what area should you start?

I know it can be overwhelming and perplexing. That's why I've put together these five article marketing tips that will give you specific direction on learning to create higher quality articles.

1 - Grammar and spelling are the most basic areas of article quality.

You cannot produce a well-written article unless the article has correct grammar and spelling. Most often grammar is the culprit in a sub-par article. It's easy to use a spell checker to alert you to any typos, but checking for grammar is more tricky.

If you are a complete newbie to writing, you may need a writing mentor to look over your articles and point out the grammar issues. If you are already aware of what proper grammar looks like, you might just need to be more painstaking in your editorial process.

2 - Next, your goal should be to improve your choice of topics.

Keyword research is a big help in this department. Compile a list of long-tail keyword phrases. Long-tail keywords are usually 3-8 words long and are very specific in topic. These phrases often make great titles and topics for articles.

The phrase should be used in your title in a natural sounding and grammatically correct way, and then again towards the beginning of the article. You can repeat variations of the phrase in your article where appropriate, but remember that the use of keywords in your article should not slap your reader in the face--it should look natural.

3 - Focus on creating better titles.

Article titles and topics go together--first you choose your topic, then you create a title that relays what the article is about in a way that would appeal to readers and search engines.

Titles should be engaging to a reader, attractive to search engines, and clearly communicate what the article is about. If you are writing articles around certain keyword phrases, include the phrase in your title. Titles should always contain correct grammar and spelling.

4 - Work on your teaching skills.

It is not enough just to write on a topic and present information. You can do so much better than that! Your goal with every article is to TEACH a certain aspect of your topic. Everyone has a different teaching style and can come up with creative ways to get a point across. Experiment!
5 - Then, work on these general writing improvements:

*Develop a unique perspective and writing style. How does your philosophy on your topic stand out from others in your niche? What information are you offering that others aren't? Do you write and teach in a way that distinguishes you from the crowd?

*Focus on creating stronger introductory and concluding paragraphs.

*Work on your article formatting and organization to create articles that are reader friendly. Reader friendly articles can contain bullet points, lists, short paragraphs, and clear sub-headings.

*Focus on saying what you need to say in as few words possible.

The trick to improving as a writer is to take baby steps. Focus on the basics first, then you can work on making more advanced and subtle improvements.

This week, which area of your writing will you focus on improving?


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