Article Marketing Success: 12 Tips For Making Your Article Headlines Work For You!

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Your article marketing success is immensely dependent on the strength of your title. Your headlines lure a reader into your reading your article and communicate to publishers and readers what your article is about.

Would you like your articles to be viewed, remembered, republished, and shared?

Follow these 12 tips for creating stellar titles:

1 - Craft your title first, then write your article.

Many times the article headline falls by the wayside because it is an afterthought. Spend time creating an effective title on the front end, and then use your title to direct the content of your article.

2 - Employ the "Title Suggestion Tool" to help you generate a thoughtful keyword rich title.

3 - "How To" titles are very popular.

Why? People who are searching for information online are looking for solutions. They are looking for practical information that will make their lives easier.

Write an article that instructs a reader who to do a specific task in your niche.

4 - Spend a few minutes doing keyword research before brainstorming headlines. By crafting your title using wording that people commonly use when they are doing searches online, you help readers find your article.

5 - Write a "Steps" or numbered list article, and ensure that your title mentions that your article contains these types of features. For example, this article that you're reading right now contains a numbered list, and the title reflects that. Here are some other ideas:

10 Fun Facts About Beekeeping

15 Energy Conservation Tips Every Kid Should Know

6 - Your headline should concisely state what your article is about.

An overly long and confusing title is a turn off for a reader, while an overly short title does not provide enough information to tell the reader what the article is about.

For example:

Too short title: Cars

Better title: How to Find a Safe and Affordable Family Friendly Car

7 - Engage your reader by asking a question in your title.

Many times readers will be searching for information online because they have questions that they need answered. Your job as a writer is to create content that answers those questions.

Why not put the reader's question right in the title?


Home Schooling: Is It Better To Teach Your Kids At Home?

How Can You Find The Best Online Article Submission Services?

Want To Get A Deal On Your Next House? Look For A Fixer-Upper

8 - Make a personal connection with your reader.

One very easy way to make a personal connection is to use "you" and "your" in your title.

For example:

Are You Scared Silly About Doing Website Marketing?

Is Your Child Gaining Self-Confidence At School?

Another technique for making a personal connection is appealing to your reader's emotions. The two title examples above use "you" and "your" and also address emotions that your reader can identify with.

9 - Tell how the reader will benefit from reading the article.

For example:

10 Tips To Help New Grads Painlessly Enter The Working World

What would the reader get out of this article? The target reader (someone newly graduated) would learn tips for entering the working world painlessly.

10- Tell the specific issue that you are solving in the article.


Getting Your Dog Used To Your Newborn

Figuring Out How Much To Spend On Christmas Presents For Your Kids

11 - Identify your target reader in your title. For example:

Local Business Owners: How Can Article Marketing Help You?

New Moms: Need Time Saving Recipes?

12 - A few formatting tips for titles:

* Do not end your title with a period.

* Do not use excessive punctuation, such as more than one exclamation point.

Your Homework:

Try to generate at least one article headline specific to your niche for each of the techniques above.


For more info on how you can use article marketing to reach thousands of potential prospects for your website, go now to . Steve Shaw is an article marketing expert and founder of the popular article distribution service used by thousands of business owners.


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