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1. Christine Delongte
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When you love your work, you don't consider it work. I started Pour Concrete because solving structural problems and ensuring the strength of a building has always been a fascination for me.

I help home owners and businessmen by taking immediate care of leakages, structural repair, foundation cracks, etc. My experienced team will turn a weak and dilapidated property into a beautiful and strong structure.

A hard-working, energetic and passionate leader with the happiness of customers always in mind. Successfully manages a large team of professional engineers and highly experienced crew. Efficiently handles several home and commercial projects in GTA. Believer of strong work ethics and exceptional workmanship.

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2. Ben Pate
Internet Marketer

Ben Pate is SEO and Internet Marketer and member of Stompernet. Ben has lot to offer for business to market on Internet.

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3. kaim323 kaim323
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4. Janine Green
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5. Seaton Hall
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6. Shaina Khan
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7. wu wufeo
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8. Ben Bradshaw
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9. Cole max
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10. mike abbot
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