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It sounds great, make money by selling power back to your electric company with a grid tied inverter, but is it really that simple?
on homes with any type of roofing but homes with thatched roofs can pose problems. The system is truly effective and can work in any orientation.
Solar PV panels are being increasingly used because they have numerous advantages over traditional power generation resources.
Setting up your own solar power generating unit may not be a very cheap option for you. However, it is a great option for the environment.
All types of matter have energy. They can either be kinetic energy or potential energy. Anything that involves motion is considered as kinetic energy. Moving solid objects have kinetic energy.
Are you tired of the enormous bill that comes in every month? Did you ever stop thinking that you can make a small change in this aspect that will change this problem for ever?
When evaluating wind power and solar there are several things to consider ranging from the environment, to maintenance, to the impact on the aesthetics of your home.
So what exactly is social media? Social media refers to a large group of tools and applications available on the internet that permits you to interact socially with a diverse group of people.
Energy deregulation has opened a whole new business opportunity for entrepreneurs to make additional income for themselves. Reselling deregulated energy service, either electricity or natural gas, is growing rapidly across the United States and has great potential to continue.
With the economy in the shape it's in and the planet running short on resources, it is more important now than ever to save on energy in every way you can think of.