The Five Fun and Rewarding Ways to Use Scrapbook Picture Frames

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If you are an avid scrap-booker, you will love displaying your scrapbook pages in a scrapbook frame. Share your creativity and artistic endeavors with others in a scrapbook frame display.  Scrapbook picture frames allow you to display your scrapbook page hung on a wall in your home or office.

Use your imagination and creativity for a fun display you and your friends will enjoy seeing. Here are just a few ideas to get your creativity going:

Rotating Fun

Yes, it is easy to rotate scrapbook pages. Normally when scrapbooking, you create more than a page at a time so there are always more than enough pages to display. By rotating your scrapbook pages, you can enjoy a changing display of memories on your wall that highlights a special occasion, season or holiday.

You can add to your holiday decorations with a scrapbook page full of holiday photos recapping last year's holiday fun. Or, what a great way to show your children that their accomplishments are important to you - a scrapbook page all about them hung on the wall for family and visitors to see will do just that.

Having Fun With Themes
Themes are a fun and creative way to highlight your pictures. You can create scrapbook pages by theme like a special trip, wedding, holiday, special occasion, sports competition or even a special hobby. Ideas are endless.

Any special occasion or event that is important to you, chances are good that there were pictures taken of it. And, the special photos you displayed in your scrapbook frame will help keep the memories alive by seeing them displayed on the wall.

Personalized Gift
If you are looking for a thoughtful and personal gift for a friend or family member, consider a scrapbook frame. Imagine their delight to receive a gift made and personalized just for them. You can personalize your page with photos, messages or special mementos. A scrapbook page is a unique way to create a one of a kind gift that will be treasured for years.

Family Tradition
As your kids grow up, you can chronicle their important moments and special memories in a monthly scrapbook page. Create a memorable family tradition by having your child pick an activity or favorite thing each month to display in their scrapbook page.

Not only will you be spending quality time with your children, you will be nurturing their creativity, bringing out artistic abilities and creating something that will keep their childhood memories alive.

A Treasured Gift for Grandparents
A scrapbook frame gift to a grandparent can be one of their most treasured possessions. Creating a scrapbook page of your child's important milestones will make any grandparent, living near or far away, feel more connected to their grandchildren.

A grandparent may not be able to see their grandchildren regularly, but a scrapbook page frame will keep them aware of their grandchild's accomplishments or fun day-to-day activities as they grow.

Scrapbook frames come in a wide variety of colors like green, black and blue picture frames as well as wood tones like walnut and natural stained frames. With so many colors to choose from it makes it easy for you to choose the perfect frame for your scrapbook page.

If you are an avid scrapbooker, you know the fun and accomplishment of creating an entire scrapbook or a special single page. Now, instead of putting your page away in an album, you can display it in a scrapbook frame where everyone can enjoy it.

Scrapbook picture frames are a terrific way to share your creativity and remember the happy times with friends and family. By using a scrapbook picture frame, you'll have almost as much fun displaying your scrapbook pages as displaying them on the wall for all to compliment.

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