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We always want to change the world around us, well why look so far when there's a handful change we can make at our own houses. This articles is about my footsteps to change. How I'm Helping my eight-year-old brother get over his Oedipal Complex.
There are a lot of baby shower ideas. Some work for both genders and some are geared especially for girls only or boys only. Most baby shower ideas that have a boy theme are used too often and worn out.
Pregnancy can be such a wonderful experience and the joy of creating life is something precious and unique which deserves to be captured for eternity perhaps in a maternity portrait. Getting pregnant and having a baby grow inside of you can be one of the most rewarding experiences and to have a picture to remind you of that period of your life can be a great idea.
When you become a parent (especially a mom-type parent) you access to the Land of Worrying without even knowing you've slipped through the door. And once you're in, there is really no exit. And yet, how helpful is all the worrying we do? Actually... not very.
Fellow moms let's face it...motherhood is an exhausting job but it is also the most amazing job in the world. When you become a mom there is a whole new set of rules and demands placed on you and you have very little time to yourself but when you look at your child and they look back into your eyes and smile because they feel safe and love their mommy all of those sleepless nights, stretch marks, spit up in your hair, etc seem to disappear.
If you want a way to display your kids photos in creative, fun and long lasting ways then web sites like Shutterfly and Snapfish are excellent tools. When you have children you become a professional photographer of sorts.
When you are pregnant with your first child you think everything is adorable, cute, tiny and exciting and while all of that is true you need to know exactly what cute, tiny and adorable items you need to include in your diaper bag in order to survive motherhood. As a new mom there will be two things attached to you, your child and your diaper bag.
Some women think that pregnancy is difficult and that life can't be any harder then that...boy are they in for a surprise. Having kids is one of the most amazing things you will ever experience but it is also one of the hardest.
How did you feel during your first few weeks home with your baby? I know I felt completely overwhelmed, emotional, exhausted, scared, worried, and confused! Why was my baby crying? Why did she wake up several times at night? Was she eating enough? Was she constipated? Did she not feel well?
Simple strategies for working moms to help them make the most out of summer with their children.