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1. Abdul Rahman Malik
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Content Writer, SEO Articles and CV Consultant

 I have been working as Freelance Academic Writer ,Web Content writer , Copywriter ,essay writer, research Writer ,Thesis writer , Resume Writer and Report Writer for the Websites located in Asia and Europe for the Last Ten years . I have got good expertise in copywriting and can write Content on all sort of topics specially for marketing and Advertising and Webcopy and Blog writing . . Being A Freelancer , I have been rated 5* by the Companies for which I have been working for last Ten years . Some of my favorite topics of content writing . The Subject of Choice are Sociology , Travel articles ,Finance, Economics, Internet, Computer , English, Current affairs , Politics , History ,Medical , science , Biography of well known scientist and People , Banking , international Finance, Telecommunication , Philosophy , Psychology Resumes and CVs.

My  own Regularly updated blogs:

                   Moreover  , I have  Start  Up Company  for  Content  Writing and  Web Development  which started  its  operation  in  December  Last  year  and  has  been  receiving  good  projects mainly in content  Writing  for  all types  Websites  . Its Web Development  Team  will be  established  and  soon a  new  developed  Website  will be  launched  for  content Writing and Web Development . For  More  Information  visit :  



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2. Feroz Ahmed Bawany
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Feroz Ahmed Bawany

To increase my knowledge and to understand the civilized creations of Almighty Lord 'Human'. May God bless us all.

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3. serena rigato
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