Double Picture Frames - The Space Effecient and Economical Frame

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Have you ever wondered why double picture frames are found in just about every home? Well if you've never used a double picture frame you're missing out on one of the most practical and versatile frames available. This article will share some of the benefits of double picture frames and give you some ideas of how you can use double picture frames in your home.

Here are just a few reasons why double frames are so popular:

  1. They're more economical than buying two separate frames
  2. They are available in a wide variety of colors, styles and finishes
  3. They're more space efficient than two separate frames
  4. They are used for more than just holding two individual photos

Many people get double frames because they have a set of pictures that they want displayed together and don't want to take up the space with two separate frames. This feature makes double frames a versatile choice for many small display areas. If you have a shortage of space for displaying photos, a double hinged picture frame is a perfect solution.  With no easel back stand, a hinged picture frame stands on its own and folds easily for storage.

A double frame is really an ideal match for any two items that would look good displayed together. If you need some ideas of what you could display, here are 5 things you can do with double picture frames.

Engagement Pictures

Double picture frames are a perfect way to display an engagement photo along with the couple's wedding announcement or newspaper clipping. This lets you display the announcement next to the engagement photo while keeping it safe and protected. This makes a great engagement gift and gives the couple a nice keepsake to enjoy.

Anniversary Celebration

No matter what anniversary year is being celebrated, double frames are a perfect way to celebrate a marriage and the years together. You can place a current anniversary photo on one side and a wedding photo on the other to represent the years they've celebrated together. If the anniversary is a milestone year, like the 25th or 50th, you can place an anniversary picture on one side and an invitation to an anniversary celebration or a newspaper clipping announcing your many years together on the other. An anniversary picture frame, whether a double or single frame, makes a wonderful reminder of the years together.

Graduation Pictures

Double picture frames are an excellent way to display graduation pictures. You can display a photo of the graduate receiving their diploma on one side and a graduation portrait or candid on the other. Capturing this big achievement in a double picture frame makes a great graduation gift and keepsake.

Pet Pictures

Double picture frames are an interesting way to display pictures of your pets. Whether you have just one pet or several pets, a double picture frame is a great way to display any number of picture combinations of your pets.


With the popularity of people researching their family tree, double frames are a great way for displaying old family photos. There are lots of ways to display family photos but double frames let you group 2 photos of relatives together in a single frame. Many times, grandparents and great-grandparents are placed one on each side to help keep one lineage of the family all in one frame. Or, if you have photos of each grandparent separately, you can place a grand parent on each side. Double picture frames give you a great way to keep family trees together and allow you a simple way to connect generations in a single double frame.

These are just a few of the ways you can enjoy double frames in your home. By reading this article, hopefully you now have a good idea of the benefits of double picture frames and have some new ideas of how you can use them in your home.

Autumn Lockwood is a writer for Your Picture Frames and loves taking pictures. Your Picture Frames offers a large selection of picture frames in a variety of sizes, colors, finishes and styles. If you're looking for double picture frames or triple photo frames come visit our site or call us at 1-800-780-0699.

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