The Methods Of The Healing

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1. The Self Auto-suggestion Method:

The individual does the healing of one's physical, psychological, psychosomatic and spiritual bodies by simply giving the auto-suggestions to these aforesaid bodies.

For example, the individual may say/repeat in one's own mind the words such as the following ones, "..I have great powers to heal myself. I can heal myself..Well, right from this moment, I am getting cured of [such and such] disease named..I am feeling better now than yesterday.."

The one's  unconscious, subconscious and conscious minds are very powerful, possessing enormous miraculous healing powers/curative powers. The daily dose of the auto-suggestions such as described above may lead to wonderful curative results..!

For example, one person had fallen ill badly in the year 1994 and was operated upon. The doctors had given him a very slim chance of survival saying that only god could save his life! Well, he had a strong desire to live and staunch faith in his own healing abilities. So, he would sit in meditation for 11 to 14 hours daily with each session stretching usually from 30 minutes to 4 hours. While in meditation, he would say to his own self, "..I cannot die. I am strong. The god is on my side. I am going to live. The god has created me to do big things in life.." 

This practice continued unbreakable for nearly 4 months. The result was there for all to see: His physical body had started responding positively to medicines and he found himself cured of the dreaded illness! The added bonus of all this practice was that the mystical word of god/heavenly melody- music/aum/shabd/sound became audible to his these two physical ears as well as the inner ears! In fact, once his consciousness rose to such a purified level that he could even hear the chanting of the vedic mantras/hymns with no being physically present around him. This was no hallucination/delusion of any kind whatsoever. It was indeed a spiritual fact..!

2. The Guru Auto-Suggestion Method:

It is almost the same as the self auto-suggestion except the sole difference being that here the individual invokes/visualizes the grace of one's spiritual master/guide/teacher by giving auto-suggestions to one's bodies by saying something like, "..My guru jee is curing me of the disease. The guru's blessings/grace is entering my whole body..I am getting cured..My guru jee is touching my affected body-part/organ with his/her own hands and the body-part/organ is getting cured/healed/disinfected.."

The curative results may be quite amazing.

3. The Maa-Healing Method:

The individual follows the following sequential steps:

1. The individual sits/stands on a mat, closes one's eyes, folds palms and offers prayers in one's own words somewhat along the following lines, "..I bow my head respectfully before you o my own mother who gave me birth..O, merciful mother give me your blessings..I  bow my head respectfully before you O my guru jee/master/teacher. Please, bless me..I bow my head respectfully before you O the Sun god! Please, bless me..I bow my head respectfully before you O my deity [mother goddess Durgaa jee], please, bless me..I bow my head respectfully before you o all forces/supernatural powers/god's entire creation. Please, bless me.."

2. Then, the individual says the following in one's own words in  one's own mind, "..the earth element is in me. I am inside the earth element..the water element is in me. I am inside the water element..the fire element is in me. I am inside the fire element..the air element is in me. I am inside the air element..the sky element is in me. I am inside the sky element..the whole universe is inside me. I am inside the whole universe..[ brhmaanda mujha mae hii, mae brhmaand mae hun.]..the universe and I are one..I am the all powerful..I am the god..the god is me.."

3. Then, the individual raises one hand up towards the sky and starts feeling the flow of the invisible cosmic energy into one's raised hand through the pointed ends of the fingers and the thumb of the raised hand, saying in one's own words something like this, "..the cosmic energy/positive energy/ curative energy from the universe is entering my fingers and the thumb.."

Initially, the individual may not at all feel any sensation of any energy entering one's fingers/thumb. However, with patient continuous practice daily, the individual starts getting the feeling of something from the universe entering one's fingers and the thumb! Well, this "something entering" is "the pure cosmic energy..!"

It depends on the individual's practice, patience, purity of all kinds, past karmas as to the time that shall be taken before this "energy sensation" gets activated. It may vary from immediately/instantly to many days. Usually, it should get activated within 21 to 41 days of the sustained practice if the individual has all the required ingredients. In my own case, it had taken me 21 days to get this "energy sensation" activated.

4. Next, the individual places the other palm on the body part of the self/patient requiring the healing, feeling the movement/flow of the cosmic energy from the raised hand to the other palm placed on the affected part. The cosmic energy flows from the lifted palm into the other palm and from there on to the affected part. All this while , the healer directs the cosmic energy saying/praying in one's own words something like this, "..please, cosmic energy - you cure this person of the pain/disease.." The healer with sufficient practice can very well feel this movement/flow of the cosmic energy.

5. After the healing session is over, the healer removes own palm away from the affected part. Immediately, the flow of the cosmic energy from the universe, into the raised hand stops.

6. The individual/healer gives thanks to the cosmic energy.

The beauty of this healing-method is that you do not need to invoke the grace of any guru jee, the spiritual master or the teacher if you don't believe in the concept of the gurudom! You can become a successful healing-conduit/medium for the cosmic energy even if you don't invoke the grace of any guru jee, the spiritual master or the teacher!

I have taken the liberty to call this healing-method "The Maa-Healing Method" because it was my mother on whom I had tried this curative healing successfully for the first time in my life besides the fact that this method was discovered all by myself without help from any body else .  My mother had acute pain in her forearm. I had used this method and her pain had vanished in one session only!

Initially, my mother's reaction was that of total disbelief! She said to me, "...tumnae koe jaaduu kara deyaa hii."[ You have played some black magic!]

But, when she saw the avadhoota baba shivananda jee on a tv channel talking about the healing based on the principles of the cosmic energy then she came to agree with me that I had indeed on my own developed/explored/discovered the method of tapping of the cosmic energy for healing purposes.

Later, when I attended one of the workshops/sheveras of the avadhoota baba shivananda jee then I tried this method instead of the Sanjeevanee method on one of the participants there and was amazed to see that the participant was cured of his pain! So, I concluded that this healing-method is equally powerful if not more powerful than the Sanjeevanee method.

The 8 necessary conditions:

1. The Practice of the celibacy. No sexual intercourse/thoughts.

2. The Purity of the thoughts.

3. The purity of the words/actions.

4. The firm belief/faith in one's self/healing abilities.

5. The patience.

6. The silence/full concentration.

7. The unbreakable continuous practice.

8. The daily practice without fail of the first 2 steps of the Maa-Healing Method.

The desired precautions:

Never, never ever have the smug feeling of, "..I have done the healing." Instead, just have the feeling, "..I am acting simply as a medium/trustee on behalf of the superconsciousness/supreme cosmic energy. It is the cosmic energy which is ultimately doing the healing job! The cosmic energy has placed her trust in me and as such I am thankful to the cosmic energy [CE] for having chosen me the coveted medium/trustee.."

If you do this type of the right thinking , you will not get overloaded with the karmas of the other person [being healed by you], which otherwise you would surely get overloaded with whether for good or bad..!


[a] I have no unreasonable selfish motives whatsoever in enlightening you all with all this information except the genuine desire to help you people out by equipping you with one of the most powerful methods of the healing available on this earth today. Of course, I do admit to me getting the psychological satisfaction at the thought of helping you all and I suppose this is quite a reasonable selfish motive of mine for all of you to appreciate!

[b] I am releasing  this healing-method free of cost because of the following genuine reasons:

1.  I do believe firmly in the ancient Indian tradition of imparting the spiritual know-how free of cost, since it's a free gift to me from the creator of this universe!

2. Norman Borlaug could have minted money by patenting his discovery of the wheat varieties. But, he gave away kind-heartedly his discovery free of cost in the interest of the maanavataa [ humanity]. His generosity had helped solve the food problem by ushering in "the green revolution" in countries like India! I wish everyone followed his grand example of the generosity

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