The Road To Road Accident First Aid

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The first person to get to reach the scene of any collision is a passerby or another driver. The following are simple tips that can easily be remembered when helping someone out during a collision because believe you me, the difference between life and death could very well be the first aid imparted.

Before going any further let me remind all drivers that reach the accident site. Please, please and more please, STOP your car by applying the handbrake and turn off the engine. Don’t just jump out in a hurry. You don’t want to be responsible for another accident because your car accidently hit another car because its hand brake was not properly applied.

Once you have gotten out of your car the first thing to do is assess the situation and remain calm. Panicking will only result in you making a lot of mistakes and aggravating the situation. 

Check how serious the collision was and determined what happened. Know how many people and vehicles were involved and find out their exact location and position. 

After assessing the situation you need to focus on the safety of others.

- Immobilize the cars involved.
- Guide uninjured passengers to a place of safety
- Check for potential hazards such as leaking fuel, chemicals, broken glass, fallen loads etc.

Another necessary precaution to take is to keep yourself safe and off the road. People usually get hurt themselves because they do not realize that it is a dangerous task to help in a collision.

- Warn cars from the pavement, if at all you need to stop or warn approaching cars.
- Use warning triangles. They help in indicating from far away
- Wear fluorescent reflective clothing, if available
- Use flash lights. Angle them down and not into the eyes of oncoming drivers.
- Use hazard warning lights
- Don’t smoke 

After taking the above mentioned steps or precautions you now need to immediately call for help.

Dial the number for the areas emergency services. If you can’t find a phone, send someone to find one. Preferably send two people in opposite directions. Don’t leave the collision site unsupervised to search for a phone, unless extremely necessary.

Do not use your mobile close to the crash site if there is spillage of petrol or fumes.

Be sure you have enough details about the site when calling the emergency service, because the emergency service personnel on the phone will ask you

- where you are
- to describe the accident
- how many people are injured
- if the injured are breathing or bleeding

It is quite possible that the person on the phone might talk you through what to do while the ambulance arrives.

Just remember, anyone can save a life. All you need is the courage and some common sense.

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