Bandages and Their Usage

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By definition a bandage is "a strip or roll of gauze or other material for wrapping or binding a body part". Simply put a bandage is a piece of cloth that covers (partially or entirely) a wound.

Bandages form an integral part of any kind of wound care, ranging from small bruises or cuts to fractures or major injuries. A bandage holds the dressing in place over the injury, stops blood loss by applying pressure and helps in providing infections because it covers the wound area.

There are various types of bandages commonly available. Some of which are

- Adhesive bandage
- Capeline bandage - bandage usually used to cover head injuries
- Plaster bandage, Plaster cast, Cast
- Compression/Pressure bandage
- Elastic bandage
- Four-tailed bandage - a strip of cloth split in two on both ends
- Gauze, Gauze bandage
- Roller bandage - bandage available rolled into a cylinder to facilitate application
- Scarf bandage, triangular bandage, Sling
- Suspensory bandage
- Swathe, wrapping - an enveloping bandage

The most common of these bandages is the adhesive bandage. Think Band Aid by Johnson and Johnson's.

Found in different shapes, adhesive bandages usually have an adhesive covered with fabric, plastic, or latex rubber. These bandages usually have a small, often medicated, absorbent pad at the center which is placed over the wound so as to cover it, leaving the adhesive to stick on the surrounding skin and preventing dirt from reaching the wound.

Some popular type's adhesive bandages are Strip bandages, Butterfly closure bandage, Fingertip bandage etc. whereas notable brands that make Adhesive bandages are Band Aid, Curad, Elastoplast.

Also a very popular type of bandage is the Gauze. Gauze is a simple woven strip of material, usually white, used to prevent adherence to wounds. Gauze is available in multiple sizes, lengths and widths. You will usually find every first aid kit containing a roll of gauze.

The reason for Gauze bandages being as popular as they are is that they can be used for almost any bandage application as well as holding a dressing in place. Gauze bandages are very adaptable and flexible making them ideal to cover wounds on just about any part of the body. Home usage of gauze includes covering scrapes and cuts on fingers and hands whereas at hospitals gauze bandages are extensively used by doctors to cover surgical sites.

As you may have realized by now, bandages are an important aspect of first aid. Different kinds of bandages are usually standard when it comes to deciding the contents of a first aid kit, be it at home or work.

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