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It is an art to dress a wound. It is imperative that the dressing is done properly or else even the best dressing bandages in the world won’t make a difference to the wound.
A duoderm dressing is a medicinal dressing which is opaque and has a semi-permeable polyurethane film. The dressing is impermeable to exudate and micro-organisms. It is also waterproof and allows patients to bathe with it on.
Tegaderm is a hydrocolloids dressing. It is a sterile wound dressing, which is impermeable to liquids, bacteria and viruses. It is a product by 3M.
Mobility scooters are complex machines and in order to ensure that your mobility scooter takes care of you, you also need to take care of it.
A foley catheter, sometimes referred to as a suprapubic catheter, is one of the most useful incontinence treatment products available on the market today and is used by inserting it within the body in order to collect and drain urine from the bladder.
Urine retention is a painful condition in which bladder is not emptied completely. This problem is resolved by inserting a catheter in the bladder.
When you buy an important product, you need to ensure that you buy from a genuine and reliable company.
When you buy a mobility scooter online, you feel a little worried that if you will be able to get a good one or not. Well, there is nothing to worry about.
Did you know that there were around 222,146 road accident casualties in the United Kingdom in 2009? According to a study 55 percent of all deaths caused as a result of road accidents happen during the first few minutes of the crash.
Urinary incontinence is the uncontrolled leakage of urine which is associated with aging. It is most common among post menopausal women and older men.