Mineral water secrets for health and long living.

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Everyone knows that the water freezes at 32,00 F or 0,00 C degrees. While freezing it can broke pipes or any other kind of the vessels it is in.    But if it is kept inside the capillaries which have the dimensions less than a hair thickness, it will remain fluid even at a very low temperature below zero.  It is amazing.   How many secrets more does the water keep inside? 

Everyone knows that the human body consists of the water. In reality every system of organism has the definite share of water content: the blood-92%, kidneys-82%, brain-85%, liver-69% muscles-75%, bones-28%.

And it gives in average about 70%!  To say more, our blood is renewed or regenerated completely inside our body every 15 days. It means that we are regenerated every 15 days too.  The water is also renewed periodically within the blood as it is an integral part of it. So the better the quality of water we drink the better properties the blood will acquire. Then our blood brings the received properties to the other systems of our organism making them healthier or putting them in disorder.

In order to make this difficult regeneration process run at a healthier way, the water must have the definite quality and contain certain properties.

1. Property
Well, first one, and the most popular is cleanliness. It is evident that the water which will later comes to our blood system is prohibited to contain salts of heavy metals, nitrates, nitrites, pesticides, xenobiotics, bacteria, viruses, fungus, parasites, organic substances. Otherwise our organism will eat them and become full of enemies.

2. Property.
Average hardness of water is desirable. It is connected with taste receptors of the tongue. The water with average hardness has a nice taste and it is pleasant to drink it.

3. Property.
The third property is not so known as the previous ones but too important for us. We speak about the water surface tension.  It plays one of the main roles in healthy water consumption. The water surface tension specifies the film tension between water molecules. For example the tap water usually has the surface tension equal to 73 din/cm. But the human organism has the power to break the water surface tension only about 43 din/cm.  In this case the human organism needs additional energy to destroy tap water surface tension after consumption.  So if the water has lower surface tension, it will have better dissolvent properties, quicker fluidity, enlarged saturation capacity, improved ability to penetrate through blood vessels. 

4. Antioxidant Properties. 
Everyone knows that antioxidant property is very important. Exactly this property helps the human being live longer and prevents the coming of old age.  In this case the healthy water also has to contain antioxidant properties. Imagine just drinking water with antioxidants making your youth period longer. We often hear about antioxidant properties. But what is it?  In reality it means that the substance contains less of free oxygen. No free oxygen, no oxide process. Like a match which can not fire in the closed glass without oxygen. Bring the oxygen and it will burn in no time. The antioxidant property of water is defined by the reduction and oxidation potentiality coefficient.  If it is negative, it means the water contains very little of the free oxygen. And the water can be considered antioxidant.  It is clear that surface water will contain more oxygen than underground source one.

5. Property
Low mineralized mineral water is accepted better by our organism. As a matter of fact our organism balance is closely connected with the amount of sodium and potassium salts consumption.  The water is a nice dissolvent liquid.  It brings the salt through our organism very quickly and feeds the cells with salts. So if the water has the excessive amount of sodium or potassium salts it will sure bring one of the components to the human cell. That will course the water misbalance in human body.  Only low mineralized water carries insignificant amount of sodium or potassium.  That fact gives the possibility to use such mineral water in everyday life. Other waters or liquids should be considered at the amount of usage.

6. Property.
The water has the memory of generation. That is why it is better to drink water with the positive information. Though, the influence of the mentioned property is not completely proved by the scientists. But I suppose that everyone would like to drink the water sourcing from the environmentally safe place or just from some peaceful and beautiful place not affected by recyclable process. It keeps in memory all the processes which were applied to its structure including the water treatment ones. The safest way to drink the water with positive information is to drink the water which is not introduced into the world water turnover so much. Such water is usually isolated from environment influence and considered to be artesian.

7. Conclusion.
Are we in the power to combine the above mentioned properties in the water before we start drinking it?  Of course, we can use modern physical and chemical influences and put the scientific advantages on the water such as fine filter systems, different distilling, mineralization or magnetic   processes to achieve these properties. Anyway, we can not be definitely sure that those influences are safe for the human being. Only precise scientific research can prove the safeness of methods and experiments applied to the water.   But one thing is for sure that the Nature does not forgive us the rude and unprofessional interference.

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