Home cure for acidity

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Acidity has a slow onset and more often than not people take this disorder very lightly, not seeing its physical implications in the long run. Though it may start as simple burning in the stomach, it can aggravate to take the form of chronic indigestion, arthritis, gout, ulcers and there are cases where it can be misdiagnosed as false heart attack.

This is more common in adults and the incidence increases as the person ages. It has been observed that acidity is more prevalent in developed country than under developed countries indicating that this could also be grouped under life style disorders.

Acidity is caused by excessive secretion of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. The acidity level in the stomach could go up due to:

• Underlying medical disorders, such as gastroesophageal reflux disease and stomach ulcers
• Mental stress, anger and anxiety
• Chronic constipation and flatulence
• Excessive tea, coffee or aerated drinks
• Side effects of certain drugs
• Addiction to smoking or alcohol
• Having fried, spicy or pungent food
• Accompanied by certain illnesses
• Overeating as this can stress out the organs
• Irregular eating habits
• Insomnia
• Keeping the stomach empty for a long time which allows the hydrochloric acid to react with the stomach walls.
• Fast chewing of food due to which the saliva is not mixed well with the food.

Symptoms of acidity
1. Heart burn accompanied by nausea
2. Burning and discomfort in the upper part of the gut area especially after eating.
3. Regurgitation of the contents of the stomach
4. Loss of appetite
5. Vomiting
6. Flatulence accompanied by burping
7. Constipation

Home remedy for the treatment of this disease-
• Drink juices that are alkaline as they tend to nullify the effect of acids. Try having fresh coconut water, fresh water melon, cucumber juice and thin-skinned lemons juice on an empty stomach.
• Bitter gourd juice is highly effective in treating acidity.
• Milk and milk products such as buttermilk and yoghurt are highly effective against acidity as they contain benign lactic acid. They sooth the stomach walls, ease the pain, aid digestion and help remove acidity. Having a glass of buttermilk or a bowl of curd helps to ease acidity.
• Green leafy vegetables and sprouts contain vitamin B and E and help in elimination of acids from the body. So have more spinach and lettuce.
• Pineapple acts as a tonic and effectively brings relief from digestive disorders. Having half a glass of pineapple juice post a meal effectively treats acidity.
• Almonds also help fight acidity
• Having a piece of jaggery post a meal effectively fights acidity
• Slowly sucking a piece of clove gives immense relief from acidity
• Having something cold such a cup pf vanilla ice cream or a glass of milk helps o relieve acidity instantly.
• Eat a banana or cucumber during acidity for quick relief.
• Drink plenty of water as this dilutes the acid in the stomach and also removes toxins which are another cause of acidity.

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