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It would be crony capitalism. Giants must learn that foreign borrowing carries unanticipated risks of the sort evident today.
Fisher assumed that real income and the velocity of money would be static in the short-run, so, based on this theory, a change in price level could only be brought about by a change in money supply.
Commercialization of blood donation should be stopped at once by force to decrease the blood selling of drug users. Thousands of drug addicts sell their blood for money to buy more drugs.
Why cabinet is still of same only and only of political reasons - Is this actual Political Science!
The scare tactics used by conservative leaders. Several weeks ago on my daily drive home I encountered a strange man. He was standing on the edge of the road holding up a large sign as rush hour traffic passed by him.
Its time to wake up, consider and review our system and make the changes.
Conflicts can be solved easier than the task of ending terrorism.