Is card counting in Blackjack legal?

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Is card counting illeggal in BJ?

Card counting is used in blackjack determining what cards have been already dealt.


High cards, especially tens and aces are better for players and low cards, especially 4s, 5s and 6s are better for the dealer.

Card counters do not need special mental skills to count cards. They don't track and memorize cards, but they assign points to each card and they track the sum only. The legend that card counters keep track of all cards is originated from the film Rain Man.


There are several types of card counting devices, but using them is illegal in most casinos in the US.


Casino staff usually harass card counters. They are having conversations with the card counter to disturb his concentration. In some casinos it is allowed to ban the card counters.

In some jurisdictions countermeasures are not restricted. The Nevada law, for example, allows banning card counters because casinos are private properties and the owner can kick anyone off his property without explanation. In Atlantic City and New Jersey contermeasures are limited. In some casinos, in the past a physical force was used against card counters.

Is it legal?

This is the question raised most frequently. In case card counters use only their brains, card counting is legal. However, it is prohibited to use any electronic devices such as mobile phones or computers.

What to do and what not?

If the casino bans you for card counting: do not admit that you are counting cards, do not wait for too long for your photo to be taken, do not argue, do not go to the bar, do not show your identification card and do not touch the staff. Counting cards is not an offence but touching the staff is.

Can you win by counting cards?

The answer is yes but not easily. Some professional card counters make big money, but to reach a serious level is hard. The only skill that is needed is adding and subtraction.

Counting Cards Online

No matter how good is someone at card counting in the casino, it is not worth trying it online. Online casino games are runned by softwares that shuffle after each deal. Card counters have no advantage online.

You can play in these online casinos and win some of the huge jackpots yourself.

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